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Tauzin: "Time's Up" for Resolving DTV Issues  

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He's about had it:

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Dave, Thanks for the link. Interesting article. Do you think this is a favorable development? If HDTV is left out of the discussion, will we only see cable downconversion of H/DTV? At this point, Powell just isn't showing any inclination to stand up for the best interests of viewers.
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I would think that the fact that Mr. Powell called together a roundtable on DTV on Oct. 12,...at a time there were a lot more serious things on most bureaucrat's minds, says a lot for him and for the place dtv ranks in his awareness.
After years of no involvement by the FCC, it's about time!
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Cable doesn't have to "downconvert" the any digital signal be it HD or SD. The modulation methods used by cable can carry many times the payload that ATSC can deliver. What cable has to do if they want to pass the streams intact is convert the PSIP information to be compatible with their system so that their decoders are capable of reconstructing the program material. The cable STB may be capable of driving your set through the component inputs at any resolution required. There is no real advantage to carrying the signal in 8-VSB as far as the cable system goes and it requires a "specific" RF channel to be decoded anyway. The best of both worlds would be a method of recovering the program streams and inserting a locally generated TVCT table to match a included 8-VSB modulator in the settop box. Then if you had digital cable and the program resolution met the ATSC tables you could use the HD set to view any program not just the local DTV stations.

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My observation has been that a lot of members of Congress seem to be keen on broadcasters doing a certain amount of HDTV even though they're not really required to do so. It's something that always seems to pop up in DTV hearings. Tauzin has been specific on that. And yes, I do see this as a positive development.
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