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The family room in my new house has a built in niche for a large screen TV in the corner (they walled in a corner with drywall). Beside it is a built in shelving unit for the audio/video gear. I am considering mounting my Polk Monitor 40's in the drywall on either side of the TV (because I can access the backside and build a shelf for them to set on).
Does anyone have any suggestions on the Grill? Should I build a custom grill with longer grill guides (to accomodate the thickness of the drywall)? I also saw an in-wall kit for a different speaker that I think might work. I don't know but, any suggestions you might have would be appreciated. I have a Sony KDS-55A3000, Onkyo TXSR 705, Sony BDP S-1, Polk CS-1, Monitor 40's in front, Monitor 30's in back, and a Polk PSW10 subwoofer.