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My dedicated home theater (Bat Cave)

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I built this home theater back in the good old days when I was a single 'stock option' guy. The room is 13 1/2 feet by 23 feet and 7'/8' vaulted ceiling.

Display: JVC DLA-G11 projector, 123" Stewart Luxus Deluxe screenwall Grayhawk screen

Audio: Lexicon DC-2 processor, (2) Sherbourn 5/1500a amplifiers, B&W 804 speakers for front LR and rear LR, B&W HTM for center, Boston Acoustics VRMX for side LR, Velodyne F1500 subwoofer

Sources: Toshiba HD-A2 DVD player, Brighthouse HD cable box, XBox 360

Control: Xantech wired IR receiver on the front wall, junction box, emitters on the individual components, Inline Inc IN3504 component video switch

The front wall and ceiling are painted flat black. The side and back walls are painted neutral medium gray. The carpet is medium gray. The furniture is black leather with rosewood trim.

The acoustics in the room are really bad so I have ordered acoustic panels (and bass traps) from ATSAcoustics.com and ReadyAcoustics.com to hopefully address that situation.

My next upgrade will be a 1080P projector (probably the Epson Home Cinema 1080P UB).


Edit: Photos of the new acoustic panels that I just installed:

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Here are some pictures of the room. Since it's a bat cave it's hard to see much in the way of details.

This weekend I had to take down the Stewart screen and black out rollup screen to get access to the windows for some maintenance for the first time in 5 years.

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I like it. It's very minimalist in design, but in that slick and cool kind of way. It's a dark room one goes into just to be entertained, and I like that.

I can definitely see the dimensions and ceiling design in this room being horrible for acoustics though. But you sound like you've already addressed that. There are a lot of nose-absorbing panels out there that would match this room's decor pretty well.

I would love to have this kind of space to devote just to entertainment.
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Awesome! If I had that kind of room I'd never leave it.
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Great looking room! How are the acoustics without treatment at the first reflection points?
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The most significant problem with the acoustics is with movie dialog being very muddled and difficult to understand when the voices are relatively quiet. I have ordered ten burgundy 24"x48"x4" panels from ATSAcoustics for the side/back wall, two custom black 20"x48"x4" panels for below the screen on the front wall, and two nested super sub bass traps for the front LR corners from ReadyAcoustics.com. Here's the diagram where the panels will go. If these panels don't solve the movie dialog acoustic issue because of ceiling reflection then I may attempt to add some 2" panels on the ceiling.

BTW, the room is not really as long and narrow as the pictures appear it's just the very wide angle lens (10-22mm) that makes it look that way.

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Doug, I was going to recommend ATS. I made my own for my last HT but bought a few for my new den setup. They are very well constructed. Couldn't recommend them more!
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What's especially funny (or sad) is that currently the sound quality in the dedicated home theater room with all the expensive components isn't nearly as good as the sound quality in the multi use family room setup.

The family room system consists of:

Mitsubishi 65" HD RPTV
Denon 3801 receiver
B&W CDM CNT speakers for front LR and center
Atlantic Technology SR10 surrounds in the ceiling
Velodyne HGS-12 subwoofer
Sony DVP-9000ES DVD player
Brighthouse HD DVR

I received my shipment of acoustic pieces/parts from ReadyAcoustics.com yesterday, but I'm still waiting for the shipment from ATSAcoustics before I can make any progress on the dedicated theater room.

Something else I forgot to mention about the dedicated home theater room is that it has it's own independant HVAC system which allows me flexibility in temp control without affecting the rest of the house. I like it relatively cold when gaming or watching movies/TV but my wife does not.
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I find that my current open design living room HT sounds much better than my previous sound isolated and treated dedicated HT. Considering it has high ceilings, tile, etc. I was pretty shocked. Temperature is another story all together. I had two amps, a receiver, three subs, and a hot projector in my dedicated room but never got around to forking out the money for seperate A/C.
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I added new pictures to my first post in this thread showing the acoustic panels that I installed this weekend. The new acoustic treatments makes an astonishing improvement in the sound quality of the room.

I installed Ready Acoustics nested super sub bass traps (24"x48"x6" + 12"x48"x4") in the front LR corners, two custom sized ATS Acoustics panels (20"x48"x4") below the screen on the front wall, and ten 'burgundy' ATS Acoustics panels (24"x48"x4") along the side walls. The difference in sound quality is tremendous. I may add some custom panels on the back wall (doors) at some point however right now I'm absolutely thrilled with the difference these acoustic treatments made. Please note that I had to significantly overexpose the photos in order to show any details. The room is much darker than the photos show. Because I had to overexpose the photos, the 'burgundy' wall panels appear more red than they do in the real world.


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very nice set up Doug. how did how did you determine what and where on the panels? meaning what size/kind and where to place them? much thanks.
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I provided Ready Acoustics and ATS Acoustics with detailed diagrams and photos of the room and they both recommended approximately the same design for acoustic treatment. I placed the panels on the floor against the side wall in the approximate locations and then used a mirror to adjust them such that they provided the optimal first reflection point absorption.

Optimally I would have installed bass traps in all four corners however it was not feasible to place bass traps in the rear corners so I chose to go with 4" thick panels on the side walls rather than the 2" thick because the 4" thickness should help absorb additional bass frequencies.

Eventually I plan to add some acoustic treatment on the back wall however it's going to be more challenging because it's probably going to have to be mounted on the doors (room door and air handler closet door).

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Gorgeous! I don't know what else to say.
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Onewolf, your room looks just ..... awesome! Very cool.

Great job!

I don't think I would ever leave a room like that either.
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great info. i dig the look of the room. last question, how are the corner traps placed and/or secured? the look like panels and not wedges? thanks.
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The corner traps were built from components purchased from Ready Acoustics. Here's a link to their nested corner mount system: http://www.readyacoustics.com/index....ails&prod=RACM

The front panel is 24"x48"x6" and the nested panel is 12"x48"x4" and they both use Roxul Rockboard 60 panels. These corner traps were very easy to build and install.
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