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What is the Average lifespan of a projector?

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I am about to pull the trigger on a Mits Hc4900 tonight.

Before I do I was just wondering how many years, or hours, average do projectors usually go before the electronics crap out?

Im saying this because I do not want to ugrade for a long
time, Im hopeing my next hd purchase will be a OLED panel display in 3 to 5 years, and I will still want to use my mits projector if it still works.

I will have a ionic breeze placed near the projector so hopefully that will help on reducing dust intake also.

Anyone? thanks
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2 days
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Anywhere from two days to decades! Really. If it's going to stick around, buy a Mack warranty (Texas Tapeworks) or similar to cover you for a couple of years past the warranty period. I don't bother as the average vacation for a projector in my home is two weeks
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Originally Posted by union1411 View Post

2 days

Really...why bother posting?

Anyway, I found most projectors I've owned have lasted well beyond their warranties. That said, buying it with a credit card that double the manufacturers warranty (Visa, etc.) is additional piece of mind.

Avoiding dust, smoke and pets is a life-extended as well.
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While i haven't had the best of luck for ultimate long life (2 PJ's down in under 3000 hours use...) most PJ's will last well into your desire to upgrade to something else anyway.

Look at it this way- your probably going to get 3-4k hours per lamp, and the lamps arnt cheap. Given the "budget" PJ's I'm drawn too, it just makes more sense for me to buy new than to replace the lamp...

having said all that, i think I'm going to splurge for a mack warranty on my next PJ...

and some serious power conditioning. freeking florida storms...
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I bought my first PJ 13 months ago and have 700 hours on it. I'd be considered a rather light user. It is my hope that I get another 2 years out of the original lamp and it is my intent, at this point, to run a second lamp and get as much as 6 years out of my investment.

But the dropping prices of the 1080P may weigh in at some point in my plan.

Replacement lamp for my PJ is over $300 and the HD/Blueray war is still fierce. Those will be factors as time goes by. but I see that you're looking at a 1080P toy.

There is no definitve answer to your question. It's a crap shoot.

You have to look down the road and take your chances. There might be a 1080P PJ that is twice as bright as your selection a year from now.
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I've had my Sony VPL HS-20 for over 3 years now. I bought a second lamp and removed the first lamp after 1000 hours and stuck it on the shelf waiting to replace the second when it goes. The second lamp is still going strong - not sure how many hours on it probably 2000 or so. The projector looks great still and I still find myself just amazed at the picture (and the specs are not nearly as great as the ones they sell today).

I think the projector will outlast my temptation to get a 1080 LCOS projector.
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I've had my PJ for about 3 years now, and it's still kicking. Granted, I don't have many hours on it though.
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Originally Posted by RobZ View Post

I don't bother as the average vacation for a projector in my home is two weeks

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Average Lifespan?

Do you mean for Forum Members or Normal People \\

Forum Members 12-24 months (been known to be left on the door step before that)

Normal People 3-5 Years

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My HS-20 is over four years old and still running strong. I don't use it as often as I'd like, but it's got a good 2000 hours on it and the original bulb still works. I could pull the trigger on a new 1080p projector, but this unit is still "good enough" that I'd rather wait for more features and a cheaper price. Perhaps even LcOS or DLP will fall into the $3K range by the time I'm ready to upgrade.
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Originally Posted by Rich Kraus View Post

and some serious power conditioning. freeking florida storms...

A pj should last for many years with proper care, BUT you can seriously shorten its life by not powering-down properly. You gotta always let the internal fan run for x minutes after shutdown in order to clear the heat out of the LCD area. I believe that the polarizing filters are most susceptible to heat, but even the LCD panels themselves are as well.

Invest in a UPS so on a power failure your PJ can be shut down properly!

p.s. I speak from experience: my office had a brand-new Panny pj that developed discoloration within a matter of months after getting it. We think that because of the way it was used (to make PowerPoint presentations, often in client mtg rooms) that at the end of a pitch someone just pulled the plug on the projector and the filter/panel overheated. Dunno which; for the time I was there we didn't get it fixed.
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Try a search of this forum for blue smear.
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Originally Posted by turbe View Post


Wow, I didn't know people still made entire posts out of just "LOL." Thanks for contributing!

I'd say most projectors last 3-5 years, and that includes replacing the bulb once or twice.

I've been watching projectors for almost 15 years now and I'm only on my third (but will be upgrading this year).

Generally, I'd say the desire to upgrade comes well before the death of a projector.

But you should try and get one with a generous (3 year) waranty; my current Infocus 5700 had to go back twice for repair (the last time right before the waranty was up) and BOTH times, the unavailability of parts made them send me a new unit/refurb, so it was like getting two new projectors (and this happens fairly often). This is one reason mine has lasted so long.

I would say it pays to buy the best, this way you'll be VERY happy with your projector and it will take much longer to get the upgrade bug. I wanted to spend $1500 4 years ago, but I spent 3 grand on the 5700 because it just looked awesome; I'm glad I did because, hi-def aside, it still has a very satisfying picture.

Spend more on a good unit with a great picture and build quality and it will outlast your desire for it!
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My runco cl700 projector just died after 10 years and 5 replacement bulbs. I paid 10,000.00 for this projector in 2002! I hope this helps
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