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Don just sold my 4:3 100" Greyhawk, loved it!!! Am getting StudioExperience 13HD (Sanyo PLV60HT). Room is lg. family room, multi-purpose. Nighttime is well controlled on light. Daytime drapes and one window have blackout lining, no direct ambient light anywhere near screen. I am thinking I do NOT need another Greyhawk, as the 13HD contrast ratio is mch higher than my previous Infocus LP350? HELP, also any other opinions are WELCOME!

Thank you very much, Dave

PS: Don, I want a new Stewart 16:9 electric screen approx. 50" x 89", maybe with vertical masking to go from HDTV to NTSC. But it may be out of budget so give me both of your company recommendations so I can know what to ask for.