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What model Stewart screen  

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I am looking for an electric roll up Stewart screen for a 16:9 DLP projector. I plan on using the GreyHawk material. I saw a DLP on a fixed 100" Greyhawk fixed screen 16:9, and (it looked great)I have 2 basic questions.

1.) Do Stewart rollup screens compare in performance to the fixed ones?

2.) I need to wall mount the screen (12' ceiling height)and I want to have a custom valence built around the thing which holds the screen to match my in-wall bookshelves. What model am I looking for?

Thanks in advance

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The Luxus SR-1 Electriscreen is designed for exposed mounting although others may work based upon your application. There are alot of options with these screens other than fabric. These would include the drop, black matting area, type of control, etc. You really need to work with a Stewart Dealer to get the right configuration for your particular requirements.
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Any thoughts on performance as compared to a fixed model?
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They are made of exactly the same screen material.
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I'll try to be a little clearer. I was wondering do they maintain a straight and rigid form when down. You know how a fixed screen is never rolled up so it is always straight and flat. I was just wondering if the screens maintain their form as well as a fixed screen. Or do the edges curl? They are a lot of money so I was hoping someone had some experience with them and could report any drawbacks.
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You don't have to worry about edges curling, etc. with electriscreen stewart screens. They are very high quality. My recessed Greyhawk is beautiful with my DLP.
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Anthony, The pull down screens are tab tensioned and the electric ones have some sort of tensioning. They are GREAT screens. Contact Jason here at AVS for answer to your questions and also for a GREAT price on Stewart screens. You will be happy you spent the extra $ on this quality!!!

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I believe the electric screens are also tab-tensioned. You should not have any wrinkling/waving problems.


Kam Fung
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