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Turn off Closed Caption?

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I can't figure out how to turn off closed caption text on store bought DVD's using new Samsung DVD-R160. TV is Samsung LN-S4696D. I can't find anything in DVDR menu to turn of CC. "Caption" menu on TV is greyed out. Same DVD's in old DVD player never showed CC.

Reading "bullets wizzing by" watching Saving Private Ryan is frustrating. Any help appreciated.

Steve U.
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CC menu should be in your TV, not the DVDR (unless they're digital CC).

Did you check the DVD menu for "Languages" or other option that lets you see if "Subtitles" are on... they'll override any TV setting. Make sure Subtitles are "Off."

Here's some info on CC that applies to many DVDRs.
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The "Language" menu is a list of languages, but no "Off" setting.
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Can't say for every comm. DVD, but mine offer either an "Off" or a "None" setting in addition to the languages. Does your DVD menu have English or other language highlighted? If so, maybe you have to select the "Subtitles" word to make sure they're off. SAP can also be used for CC, so see if there's a SAP setting in the DVD menu?.. sort of odd, maybe I can't help on this one.

Also, check your TV's audio settings. That's "usually" where CC settings reside.
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OK, found the answer. Near the bottom of the Samsung DVD-R160 remote there is a button labeled "ANYKEY". Press ANYKEY and a menu comes up that gives Caption and other options.

Jeez Louise, Anykey...
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I have had same problem. Found out how on my Samsung Remote. Press the CC button. A small gray field shows up showing CCn. I press the top arrow on 4 arrow clock. It changes to CC.off.
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