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Originally Posted by Used2be2 View Post

I don't know whether that's encouraging or disappointing....... A shame it's poor quality, but perhaps someone on the USA side might take that as a challenge to come out with a high quality product? Do you know if it was presented in 4:3 or 16:9? Thanks for the report.
Just checked at IMDB and the film was originally shot at 1.85:1, and the German release was a matted 1.78:1.

Like I said before, there is only one known HD master for The Shadow and it dates back almost a decade or farther back. A new transfer with clean-up is needed before that can ever be released on Blu-Ray properly.
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Pootie Tang
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Never Cry Wolf.

The Alaskan scenery in this movie is awesome and would definitely benefit from a high def release. Unfortunately, the dvd presentation is not up to par.
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The Abyss
As Good as it Gets
Best in Show
E.T. (coming, I know)
Finding Nemo
Grave of the Fireflies (currently only in Japan on Blu)
Princess Mononoke
Schindler's List
A Simple Plan
True Lies
Waiting for Guffman
Whale Rider
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Tootsie. Why this is always late to the game, I do not know. It was years before a decent DVD came out, and still no Blu for the 30th anniversary. #2 on the AFI comedy list. Huge box office. Pretty large cult following, too.
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Originally Posted by 18 Brumaire View Post

THE CAINE MUTINY, $14.99 @ Amazon

Thanks, I'd somehow missed that.
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Definitely Mulholland Drive. I don't know how I failed to mention that in my first post. mad.gif
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Talented Mr Ripley and Vanilla Sky
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The Bad News Bears (just the first)
Shrek I & II (damn buying the SET, gimmie the individuals already)
The Apple Dumpling Gang
The Longest Yard (the original of course)
Pretty in Pink (someone had to say it)
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Originally Posted by Schils View Post

Pretty in Pink (someone had to say it)
Sure...next you're going to be asking for Ice Castles...wink.gif
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Originally Posted by JD NC View Post

Star Wars (1977)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Return of the Jedi (1983)

Yawn. Get over it already.
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The Abyss
True Lies
The Gumball Rally
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The Great Race (Digitally remastered audio and video) = Wonderful Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Natily Wood, Peter Falk, Blake Edwards comedy. Professor Fate: "Push the button Max" ...."MAX!" The pie fight alone is worth the price of admission. It is the greatest pie fight ever flimed and they used real pies!

True Lies
The Abyss
Mysterious Island: 1961 Harry Hausen (Yes I know it has been released, BUT they need to produce more than 3,000 copies).
Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis: Nothing like a PINK submarine smile.gif
Bringing up Baby
The Italian Job (2003) Come on guys do it right and digitally remaster the audio and video on this movie for all us fans!
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Originally Posted by John Ballentine View Post

"The Time Machine" (1960) and other George Pal films too. "First Men In the Moon" (and all remaining unreleased Harryhausen films)

I second the above, I would love to see these movies PROPERLY digitally remastered and released on Bluray!
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Originally Posted by whitetrash66 View Post

action junkie here...
true lies, of course, but Sony,

I've been saying this literally for "years" now!

I was at Fry's a few months ago adding to the BD collection and I thought to myself, "Oh I should TOTALLY get Bad Boys II on BD cuz that would look amazing!"

And I was totally dissapointed when I couldn't find it, and then searched for it on my phone and it still wasn't available.


This is one of the best looking Action movies of the early 2000s, and considering how it sounded on DVD, I'm sure the BD transfer would be truly stellar audio demo worthy material!
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Originally Posted by LordAwesome View Post

THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE Region Free: http://www.amazon.de/Mann-Liberty-Valance-erschoss-Blu-ray/dp/B007IZ41BO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1348875819&sr=8-2

Cool thanks! Now, I wish Amazon.de had a language converter to help me with the german ordering process... :-)
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How is this thread different than the sticky "The Official BD Wish List" and "When or Will This Movie Come Out On BD?" thread?
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*Friday the 13th 4-X
*Candyman II
* Darkman II & III
* The Abyss
* True Lies
* The Toxic Avenger 1-4
*Terror Firmer
* Beavis and Butthead Do America
* Supergirl
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-True lies
-The Abyss (Never even had an anamorphic DVD.....)
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When Worlds Collide
Andromeda Strain
Conquest of Space
Silent Star
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

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Originally Posted by zetmoon View Post

-True lies
-The Abyss (Never even had an anamorphic DVD.....)


. ____________
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Originally Posted by RobLee View Post

. ____________

+1 for ZARDOZ! What a trippy, cool film. The opticals were considered 'state of the art' back then.....plus there's boobies wink.gif
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Drunken Master II, the original uncut version with original Cantonese audio and the correct aspect ratio. Jackie Chan's Hong Kong movie filmography, with proper releases, correct aspect ratios and original Cantonese audio.

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for either to happen.
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Originally Posted by redsoxfan26 View Post

Finding Nemo

Thank you! I was going to add this to the list because I had heard it was pushed back until next spring because they were going to rerelease it in the theaters. I guess it makes sense to release it right after the limited theater run ends.

I would like to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit released as well and according to an unsourced claim on wikipedia it will be next year in a 25th anniversary package.
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- Flight of the Phoenix (1965) with Jimmy Stewart. The 2004 re-make that is available in Blu-ray stunk.
- The Right Stuff.
- Vertigo. They released North by Northwest. Why not this Alfred Hitchcock classic?
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Without a doubt, Kingpin. So many crappy comedies get the BR treatment, and this cult classis is left with pushed back date after pushed back date...
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- All the remaining Spielberg titles, particularly Munich (2005) and The Sugarland Express (1974)
- Quick Change (1990)
- True Lies (1994)
- The Abyss (1989)
- The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
- Red Beard (1965)
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Bunch of posts moved here from dupe thread.

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