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Toshiba 65H81 went black with blinking red light...Help

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Help Help!!!

Hi All,

today my 2001 Toshiba 65H81 screen went black (blank) and the red power light just blinks. I did a search of this forum, found similar issues, but no replys to what it is. If you know what it is, could you please tell me and also, any idea what the cost would be to fix? (parts cost?)

I'm getting awfully depressed staring at a blank screen tonight

Thanks for any help!!!!

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HI Again,

Also, If someone can answer the first question at all, my second question is to open this tv up to get to the parts, is it from the back side or the front through the speaker grilland screens?

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Hello Normy,

I replied to your pm that you sent me before I had seen your thread here. I'm not sure what exactly your problem is but I did go to a different forum I used check out alot before I found the avsforums. I went to the Toshiba section and typed in 65H81 under the search option. Here's what it came up with, maybe somehwere in there you can find out your problem.


Here is how you take off the screen of the tv to be able to access the area directly behind it.

Pull the lower fabric panel off. There is a raised black panel underneath. Remove the screws from this panel and take it off. There is a wiring harness to the upper left of the black panel - unhook this. On the bottom edge of the screen there are a few screws, take these off. At this point the screen can be lifted up and then pulled off. Reads like a lot, but it is only about 5 minutes of work to get the screen off.

Once you have the tv screen off, basically the entire top part of the tv is just a big vast open area. In the bottom part you will see the green, red, and blue guns that project up onto the mirror of the rear tv that then in turn reflect onto the front screen that you had removed.

Hope this helps. If you could post a follow up, I'm curious about how to solve this problem in case I have an issue with my 65H81 also.

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That particular set is a light box type design. After removing the screen front there are 4 bolts, 10mm IIRC, 2 on each side that can be removed and the entire chassis, tubes and all slide out the front AFTER you've unplugged the speakers and IR PU wires from the main chassis.
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Thought I would give you another bump - I too have this issue that has been happening the past few nights. I found that unplugging it, and plugging it back can allow for a few hours or few days of viewing....but then it happens again. I really do not want to purchase another TV, but in all the searches I have done as lead to either re-solder the whole TV, replace all the lamps, fix a fuse, replace deflector board, and change the power supply...... I guess the red flashing light could mean anything. I you find a solution - I would be greatful to know what your's was. Thanks!
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Repairman just left the house - it was the IC Shutdown circuit chip. He indicated that the cost of this IC chip was $90. While here to fix it, it also replaced the convergence chips (2). He indicated that the factory ones also cause this problem, and that have a typical lifespan of 5 years....so while the IC shutdown is what caused my problem, he wanted to fix the others while he was here to save an additional trip. Total bill was $400.00, and he was here for only 45min. Hope this helps..
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I'm having the same problem. But i can't seem to fix it if you can post a video tutorial that would help.

,thanks Jc
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