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How to hide speaker cable

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I didnt know where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong place. I want to know what would be the best way to run speaker cable to my rear speakers. I cant go in wall and i cant go under the carpet. What would be my best bet? Thanks.
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maybe tuck it under the base board.
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I use the little tracks that stick above the baseboard. You can paint them, but since mine are white it blends in perfectly. My only problem is my rear speakers are technically in the center of living room, and therefore I have wire running from the wall to the speaker stands, which doesn't look great.
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tuck the wires under the baseboard/quarter-round and above the carpet. Terminate the wires with a phono plug or some other type of two conductor connector. If your rear speakers are on stands, than you can place the speakers out of the way until you want to use them, move to the correct position and plug in the wiring. There when you want it, out of the way when you don't
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Do you have at least the aeral carpet? I used QED cable. It is very thin with good value. You might find thinner ones but it can cost more. I put it right under the carpet and didn't feel a thing as I stepped on it. QED is a good quality producer as well. The issue is that QED doesn't have that many dealers in US. 5 years ago, I actually directly mail-ordered from UK. They took 17.5% VAT off and mailed them to me.
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Your best bet might be flat speaker wire. Something like this product from Axiom (I'm considering ordering some of this for a wire run I'm doing).

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If you have white-ish baseboards I have found that 3M 2" plastic tape works well and is decently unnoticeable (and doesn't leave anything behind when taking off). You just have to be careful during the application and keep the wires fairly lined up. Works best if the baseboard is curved and not flat - then you can place the wires in a curve.
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