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Sears in Hunt Valley,MD should be ashamed of themselves.  

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I realize this is not new news, but I was in the Sears in Hunt Valley, MD earlier this week and they had an HDTV there, on display showing a Dish Network feed. But instead of showing the Young & the Restless on CBS-HD (it was 1:20pm ET), or Show-HD or HBO-HD, or the Demo loop they were showing CNN-Sports Illustrated! But that's not the worst part! It was letterboxed on the 4:3 screen, and was obviously stretched to fit in the letterbox, so we had a 4:3 picture on a 4:3 TV, letterboxed and stretched to fill a 16:9 aspect ratio, with a huge sign that said "you are watching HDTV on Dish Network!" Not only that, the TV was so badly out of convergence everything had a red and blue shadow around it. A man was standing there watching it (I think just for the sports news) but I can't see how in the world anyone would want to buy that TV, when it looked worse than the 19" TV that was showing CNBC. Unbelievable.
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My local Sears is also in the running for a dunce award. For the past couple of months they have had a number of large screens (16x9 and 1080i capable 4:3 Panasonics; Sony, and Samsung) all fed the component output from a Dish 6000 receiver. They too have never did the aspect ratio setup properly.

The Dish HD demo feed was windowboxed on widescreens and both window and letterboxed on 4:3 sets (except for one that was zoomed). Even during the Saturday afternoon football games the Samsung had bars top, bottom, and on both sides; sad.

Previously I had asked them about it but they did not know or care. I researched the problem and told them what I found out a couple of times on how to fix the problem (use the * on the proper remote). They did not see it as a problem and ignored me (even the dept head who I bought my Mits from last March). (The proper remote had gone misssing and all they had were Dish WebTV remotes...with no * button.

I might add they also have a Mits 55809 on the floor along with a couple of other sets; but they are fed a different source. For a couple of weeks it was showing a VHS tape of Toy Story2 since their LD player was broken.

Anyway, today I visited the store and got the usual "ho hum." Driving home it hit me I had a neighbor who had Dish. I checked and their remote had the star button (*) so I borrowed it and went and let the Sears folks fix their aspect ratio. Salesman pushed the button and viola'... correct wide screen HD presentation.

Sad note: they have a Panasonic (46" WS) that now displays horrible burn. The sides where the black bars were are now significantly different from the central portion. Believe it has been on the flooor no more than 3 months tops. My guess it is also in torch mode too.

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AVS › AVS Forum › HDTV › Local HDTV Info and Reception › Sears in Hunt Valley,MD should be ashamed of themselves.