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I wanted to control my yamaha box with the comcast remote and with the help of some threads in this site, I was able to control some of the functionality of the yamaha receiver rxv1800 (power on, off, volume). Unfortunately, the discrete power on would also turn on Zone 2 and Zone 3. Also, I could not switch between all of my devices. So I decided to try the reverse, and it worked.

I was able to control the volume, menu, channel, and power on/off by trying some of the codes. I got the rest of the codes for the dvr to work by using the learn feature of the remote control.

Since the yamaha remote can "learn" new codes, it would be able to work with whatever device you may have.

It also includes "Macros" so you can do multiple button sequences by just clicking one button.
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Glad the yamaha remote worked for you. For the record, the comcast remote can also do macros. We likely could have given codes for all the functions mentioned above if you had asked. The beauty of the comcast is it can send any code without learning. The yamaha is limited to what can be learned. Many discrete functions cannot be learned. For example, your DVR may have discrete on off, and your TV may have discrete inputs. All those can be added to the comcast but not the yamaha.
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Do you happen to know which are the codes to do the following on the yamaha receiver rxv1800:

Power ON (Main ON only)
Memory 1
Memory 2
Memory 3
Memory 4
Pure Direct
.... Well if you have a list handy of all the yamaha codes please send them to me...
Also do you happen to know the discrete ON, OFF for the comcast HD DVR and Panasonic plasma tvs?
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All yammy codes are linked earlier in the thread. No discrete DVR codes exist. I'll look up the panny codes next week, or you could ask at hifi-remote.com or use the lookup tool linked there.
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Assuming you're using setup code 10650 for the panasonic, discrete on and off are 20021 and 21045.
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Anyone know how to set the input functions for the silver/red button comcast remote to control the Yamaha - RX-V573? I have programmed the discrete on/off codes, but still can't change inputs. Thanks so much!!
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Excellent "how to" for the Yamaha receiver. I have a 2012 Samsung HW-D600 and am using a Comcast DV3 remote with code 1067CBC3 with the plug marked JP1.3. Do you have discreet power on and off for this Samsung receiver?
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After five years of Comcast telling me the Comcast remote could not control the Yamaha receiver, this forum had the answer! However, for those of you still having problems turning the AV receiver off, remember that the default for the remote goes to "cable" after turning off all the other systems. So use the post I am citing below. After that and when you are testing the system, you must hit "aux" to turn off AV receiver. I have the Yamaha V659 and followed Kupakai's post #4/37 on 1/13/08 with the codes 00248 and 00246 just as he says. However, when testing I realized that after everything else was off and I used "setup" and "power" to turn the AV receiver off, the "cable" light lite up and the AV would not turn off. So you must push "aux" first, then hit "setup" and "power" and it turns off.
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This was incredibly helpful thank you
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I swapped out the Yamaha for a Pioneer VSX-823-k. But now I can't program the Comcast remote for that Pioneer. I have it working the volume but would really like it to be able to power the Pioneer on (and off would be even nicer). I can't find this specifically in the threads but it seems that you really know how to make these comcast remotes work. It's an Xfininty Custom DVR-3 remote.
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Please start another thread so we don't have Pio codes buried in a Yamaha thread.
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Can anyone tell me the discrete power on and off codes for the Yamaha RX-V457? I am trying to program my Comcast. XR2 remote to control the receiver, but none of the shown codes works for power on/off (30176 will control volume, but not power). I have tried the codes posted on this site for the RX-V861 (00246 power on, 00248 power off, and 00250 to toggle), but none of them seems to work for the RX-V457.

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