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TV over fireplace. What will work?  

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I have an opening over my firplace that measures 54" wide by 34" in height. I want to put a large screen TV up there. I can probably cut the wall and gain a little more height, but would prefer not too. Most of the HD widescreen TV's I've seen are all too tall for the opening.

The firplace is a sealed propane gas unit and I don't believe heat would be a problem.

The plasma's look nice and would fit, but the cost is well over the budjet. Looking to spend 3 to 4K.

Had a thought in taking one apart from its base and just putting the screen up there. Good way to void the warranty, but I'm getting desperate.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Take a look at the RCA F38310, here:


This set has a built-in ATSC tuner and DirecTV HDTV tuner and is probably the biggest bang for the buck in HDTV. And it will fit your shelf, if the shelf is deep enough.
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Thanks for your reply and link

Depth of shelf is 26", so it will fit.

I was hoping for something a little bigger though. Say in 50 to 55" range. The family room measures 22' X 14', with viewing distance at about 12'

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Unfortunately, your idea to seperate the top and bottom halves of a rear-projection set wouldn't work since the CRTs are in the bottom half and their proximity to the mirror and the screen in the top half is critical.
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So I guess I'll have to cut the wall. There goes the mantle and the budjet

I was here when the house was framed, so I know I have the room. RCA has a 50" : L50000 with a 38" height. A cut of 4" will do the trick. A lot more than I wanted to spend, but I can make it work.

Thanks for your thoughs.

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never understood the tv over the fireplace thing.

after all a fireplace, is just as good as TV. you can have one or the other but not both.

why don't you try a different arrangement that way you can have both the TV and the fireplace going at the same time.
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