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I've just set-up a combination of a streaming media server and clients in my home:

- Buffalo Linkstation Live media storage/server (500GB)
- Zyxel media station DMA-1000
- Freecom MusicPal (Internet radio and media streamer)
.. linked via Devolo Ethernet over the mains devices via a Zyxel router (Prestige series)

The Linkstation and DMA-1000 are supposedly DLNA certified (see the site) and all devices are UPNP compatible.

The set-up mostly works - however, there are problems between the DMA-1000 and Linkstation - e.g.

(1) if MP3 meta-data contains non-ASCII characters (e.g. European language characters), the DMA-1000 cannot generate lists of albums, artists (it took quite a while to problem-solve this issue).

(2) If I turn off the Linkstation and then turn it on again, the DMA-1000 stops working - turning it off and on fails to sort this out and the whole network has to be restarted.

There is no problem with the Freecom MusicPal.

There is also no problem with using my PC as a server (either the Zyxel server software or Windows Media) - however, I do not want to be reliant on using my PC.

The system also streams video with no problems when it is up and running.

I have contaced Buffalo and Zyxel technical support and they fail to respond, except for an e-mail from Zyxel saying that they have no idea.

The Buffalo and Zyxel products are supposed to be certified compatible (DLNA) - which is the reason I bought them - they clearly are not. I find this totally frustrating - particularly that there seems to be no way of communicating with them.

If anyone can help with these issues, I would be most grateful.