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I am new to this...I have the opportunity to buy a pair of salon2 and the voice two.... but after reading the last post I do not know if I have enough power to power the speakers correctly.

I am running the new denon pro and amp (poa and avp)?

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Hopefully the S2 owners will chime in here with more helpful info, but when I first saw the Salon2 it was being demoed on a ML433 (200/400), the ML wasn't pushing hard that I could tell and the sound was impressive IMO. You don't mention your room conditions, listening preferences, and usage (I assume some HT because of the Voice).

In general I'm of the opinion the Denon will fine (150/300, IIRC), but S2 owners would know better considering many other factors, including those I mentioned.

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The new AErial 20T is nothing but SMOOTH. Nothing like them in my opinion. If your in the market for this level of speakers go take a listen. Then let us know what you think.
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I have Studio2s running off the NAD M3 and it works just fine. The Ultimas are very neutral and are perfect for jazz and classical lovers. Their transparency isn't always that great for a lot of rock music, but like most accurate speakers, the more you dampen the room, the better the sound gets. Midbass is the best I've heard - flat, accurate, but lacking in weight that the Salon2s have. I think the Salon2 is the best speaker for stereo music listening, the Studio2s are the better all HT setup with matching Voice2 and B15 sub. But the cool 'cheapskate' system would be the Gem2s with the B15 sub. Probably a better choice for rock'n'rollers where the added bass depth and the ability to tune in a bit more heft complements the sound of rock more. And the Gem2s have the upper mid/treble combo of the Salon2s for less than half the price.
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Any thoughts on the latest Revels vs the latest Kef 207/2 ( $20K MSRP ) or 205/2 ( $10K MSRP ) ?

- Andy
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No idea sonically, but I think that the Revel's design concept makes more sense acoustically.
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I have not hear Aerial 20Ts but having owned Coincident Total Reference with ribbon tweeters and previous to that full range ribbons Scintillas, ribbons no longer are my cup of tees as they are phasey and varies in response off axis. I own Revel Salon 2 and they beat Dynaudio Evidence Tempation, Kharma Grand Midis, MBL 111E easily as I owned these speakers as well. Further, I directly compared it toa YG Acoustics Anat Ref IIs my friend has(around $150K and they claim best speakers in the world?) and my friend shitted in his pants. My speaker had smoother highs, better integration top to bottom with prodigious bass that was equal if not better than his mega buck self powered bass. There berylium tweeters are so smooth, extended and detailed, it has no problem replicating the highest notes and its harmonics with most demanding transients with ease. I used to get fatigue listening to other speakers I owned because of high frequency grit but I can comfortably listen and enjoy music for hours with these speakers. Salon 2 is a giant killer and by far the best value for high end speakers out there period. I've listened to Wilson Alexandria 2s at LA Audio and though it sounded good until they brought in other speakers to compare it to and you realize it sounded lifeless. So, unless you do A-B comparison on any these speakers or if you own the speakers in the same living space for quite sometime and you know the sound, subjective listening based on memory or in other room auditions and comments are absolutely meaningless.
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