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Switching from a CRT rear projection to LCD or Plasma

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I have a 4 year old 50" Toshiba 1080i rear projection TV (CRT based). I am about to replace this TV with either a 52" LCD or 50" Plasma.

Since this is the type of set I am used to seeing every day, I am struggling with the Plasma versus LCD debate.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers about how LCD and Plasma displays compare to the set I am replacing.

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Pioneer Kuro 50" models:
5080HD (720p)
5010FD (1080p)
Elite Pro-110FD (1080p)

Get any one of these and you are getting one of the BEST 50" flat panel tvs ever produced. Going from CRT to Kuro is like going from VHS to DVD --> JAW dropping everytime. THere are no other TVs currently available, LCD or Plasma, that can best Kuro.
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The Kuro's looked great, but were a bit dim and grossly overpriced. The Panasonic plasma's looked almost as good, but still a little dim.

My rear projection seems very bright in our room, but I don't have a real way to compare that with the plasmas since I can't see them side by side. My feeling is that my TV is closer to the LCDs in brightness and color pop, just not as sharp as either the LCDs or Plasmas.

My TV has pretty good blacks, so I am a little concerned that the LCDs might not compete well with that.

Thus, my struggle. I get a feeling that my current TV falls right in between the Plasmas and LCDs in color and brightness.
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What is the viewing environment like? The retail environments are typically way brighter than a home setting, and that makes the plasma look "dim".

I have a Pioneer Elite 64" RPCRT and a Kuro 5010. I can tell you that the Kuro is every bit as bright as the RP display in my home. In fact I'm not pushing either display in terms of light output.

This could be another case where you don't realize how much more ambient light is in the retail environment and how that skews your perception.
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If you want more BRIGHTNESS wait until the spring and buy a Panasonic Z85, 800, or 850 series.

It won't have quite as great blacks as the Kuros but will be much brighter than Pioneers and Panasonics from the past.
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OK. That's what I was looking for. Obviously, I have control over ambient light at home, but do not at the store. This make the comparison difficult at best.

Given that your RP and Plasma have similar brightness, I assume that you find the plasma to have the clearer image? That might come across as a dumb question, but I have not owned a plasma or LCD. Therefore, I can't compare them fairly to what I am used to.
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The image on my 5010 is crisper than my RP, yes. But I'm not that obsessed with sharpness as much as I appreciate a film-like presentation of a movie. As such I would have a hard time justifying replacing my 720 with a 60" Elite plasma on that basis.

I will say that the Kuros are the first displays that made replacing my RP cross my mind. For now I'll limp along with my 64" elite RP for the main home theater and my 5010 as my bedroom TV.
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I understand. I had been pretty happy with my RP until my daughter got her hands on it. She was staying with us after a surgery and left the TV on Food Network for 8 hours a day for two weeks. Now I have a permanent Food Network logo burned into the lower right corner of my screen.


So now I'm shopping for a new set.
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OK. It appears that the nicer plasma's compare favorably. Has anyone switched out their rear projection for an LCD? Were you happy with the results?
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Originally Posted by toakley1 View Post

OK. It appears that the nicer plasma's compare favorably. Has anyone switched out their rear projection for an LCD? Were you happy with the results?

Something went in the green drive on my Toshiba 42H83 (42" 1080i/540p crt RPHDTV). I replaced it with a Toshiba 40RF350u (40" 1080p lcd). I am pleased with the LCD. It has a clearer picture, the colors are more consistent across the screen (no more dessert sands in different hues depending on screen position). The blacks are better on the lcd (maybe a tic more crush), but then I have a window (with blinds closed) opposite the tv position, so I had brightness etc turned up some on the rptv (which caused some light bleeding on the sides from internal reflections).

And the reason that I only considered an LCD and not a plasma. Is that I also use my hdtv as my one and only computer display. In that respect 1080p lcd without a doubt beats the old 1080i rphdtv as a computer monitor. Note: I set the geometry and convergence in the service menu on my old rphdtv to make it usable as a monitor.
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I'm replacing a Toshiba 50H82. It's interesting that you found the blacks to be better on the LCD versus your 42H83. I "thought" that I had pretty good blacks on my TV, so maybe I'm trying to overanalyze this whole thing.
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Similar to you, i will be replacing my 51" crt rp hd set (Sony KP-51WS520) with a 52" lcd panel later this year. Recently, i did buy a Panasonic 32" lcd panel (32LX700) for the bedroom and have been comparing the two. I will disagree with a previous poster in that in my case, black levels are still better on my Sony crt rptv. When watching the Panny, dark scenes are fine but still a little washed out in comparison. Otherwise, the advantages go to the lcd for me. I enjoy watching the lcd set more. The Panny is sharper and brighter, especially on hd sources. The attributes of lcd tech really becomes evident for me when watching sporting events. Watching the NFL playoffs on this panel has been stunning! The image just "POPS" out at you, something are sets don't do. I do not get any motion blur, which seems to be the albatross of many current and past lcd sets. This Panny has a 120hz refresh rate and 6 ms. response time which i assume is eliminating any blurring. I still prefer watching the Sony for movies that have a lot of dark scenes, but i will say the more i tweak the settings on the Panny the less of an advantage it's becoming.

In summary, i have been spending too much time in the bedroom watching this panel and neglecting the old "boat anchor" in the den. So if i want to get out of the bedroom more i guess i will have to get a bigger panel for the living room! In your case I say go for it! Just make sure you buy locally from a store with a friendly return policy. There are some nice panels coming out this year so you may want to wait a bit and do some research. Enjoy the hunt!

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Thanks for the input. I probably will wait a little while longer. I'm especially curious about the Toshiba 550 series due out next month. I'm hopeful for a top notch panel that will fit my cabinet well.

I'm also still interested in the plasmas. I do like the quality of the Kuro, but that price premium will never pass the spousal approval test.
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