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Samsung LCD LNT5265F or Panasonic TH50PZ700U plasma?

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I will very shortly be purchasing either a 52" Samsung LCD model LNT5265F or 50" Panasonic plasma model TH50PZ700U to replace my 55" rear projection Mitsubishi. I'm not too happy about downsizing but it's time to get rid of that big box taking up so much space and I want full 1080p resolution and HDMI connections. Anyway I plan to mount the TV on the wall with the bottom of the screen about 48" from the floor. The viewing area is between 10 to 14 feet with a sofa with reclining seats and a couple of reclining chairs. Can someone give me feed back of which of the 2 mentioned sets is the better choice for my viewing situation and which you believe is the better TV performance wise? Thanks.

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Both are excellent choices, but the Panasonic will give the best performance. I actually bought the Samsung without research at a local store due to its sale price. While I was waiting for the delivery, I decided to do some research on my new TV. Overall, expert and user reviews rated this tv very good in overall value and performance. It has 3 hdmi and PIP, which the Panasonic model does not have.

I also read consumer reports about Plasma VS LCD pros and cons of both. After looking at all tv reviews and ratings, the TH-50PZ700U came out on top as the best performing tv in all the catagories. Consumer reports actually said it the highest rated HDTV ever, which says alot coming from these guys. That's what prompted me to exchange the samsung for the panasonic. I'll be paying 2.5k for a tv so I want the best.

Given your viewing environment viewing from 14' is very far for 50' tv. 8-10' would be ideal for this sized tv. Both tv's will have glare as panny is a plasma and this samsung model glares alot for an lcd. The samsung is also 30 lbs lighter if you are considering to mount w/o professional help.

Good luck!
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Panasonic definetly...
Best TV every rated in flatp panels...
Pansonic has better SD PQ,Basic easy to use menus,SD card reader,and a 100,000 half life instead of 60,000...
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Thank you for the replies. I spent a lot of time today at BB & CC. Both have the Samsung on display. At CC they have the 46" model on display but they have the 52" in stock. Only CC had the Panasonic on display but neither had them in stock. I thought that was strange. CC has the Panasonic TH-50PZ77U and it's priced about 300 less than the TH-50PZ700U. The salesman tried to sell me TH-50PZ77U. He told me that it is a newer model than the TH-50PZ700U but I don't think that is true and told him so. I came very close to buying the Samsung at CC today. I am glad that you informed me that the Panasonic has better SD PQ. Both stores have their display models playing a looped hi-def program so there is no way to see how they look with a SD source. The Panasonic was my first choice, especially since I just bought the new Panasonic Blu-Ray player but I slowly changed my mind toward the Samsung because of the larger size and the less use of energy of the LCD's. But I think I will go with the Panasonic. As far as the distance to the viewing area, If necessary I can rearrange the furniture.
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Ratings for SD PQ on reviews is probably the best way...THE PZ&&U and PZ700u are both new models just the PZ77 has anti glare and a bit of a downgrade on PQ...2 inches your not going to noticed a difference at home...Also the only time the LCDs use considerably less energy than the LCD is if the entire screen is white for extended periods...
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Originally Posted by hi im drummer03 View Post

Ratings for SD PQ on reviews is probably the best way...THE PZ77U and PZ700u are both new models just the PZ77 has anti glare and a bit of a downgrade on PQ...

Well I saw the PZ77U advertised in the local paper this morning for 1999.99 at Boscov's, a regional department store. I cut out the ad and headed to CC because I knew they had the PZ77U & PZ700U on display side by side. I figured if I decided to by it I could get a price match with the Boscov's ad and use my CC credit card and get the 36 months no interest. I spent a half an hour standing in front of the Panasonics looking at the same looped source over and over again. The problem with that is that all of the scenes move so fast its hard to get a really good comparison. But in my personal opinion, I think the colors on the 700U are brighter and the skin shades a little more natural and sharper. But the blacks on the 77U look noticeably blacker. Also there was a very noticeable glare on the screen of the 700U from the store lights that was not noticeable on the 77U. Anyway I purchased the 77U. If the price was the same or close I probably would have gone with the 700U. I think the PQ was slightly better but not enough to pay 600.00 more. The 77U will be delivered in 2 days. I'll give my opinion on it after I watch it at home for a couple of days.

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PZ77U & PZ700U uses the same scaling and video processing. You won't suffer from picture quality. The PZ77U is a step down in features. Here are the feature differences for the PZ77U:

- Has Anti glare vs. Anti coating of the higher model
- No PC Input
- 10W/Channel vs. 31W/4Channel of the higher model
- Rated at 60,000 half-life vs. 100,000. Has a higher contrast ratio than the higher model, but at a half-life sacrifice.
- Rated slightly higher in power consumption I believe. The LCD consumes less power statement is not 100% true. LCD has a lower power consumption rating, but it will always max out its rating due to its always on backlight technology. Plasmas have a higher power consumption rating, but that's assuming maxing the contrast ratio and brightness. The gases for each pixel only lights as needed. In a real world environment an average consumer will set their contrast/brightness at half. So, if you do the math LCD are rated at < 300W and Plasmas are rated around 600/2=300.

$600 savings for these lesser features. The PZ700U panel design was more pleasing to my eye due to hidden speaker design. Either way you made the right choice going for the Panny.
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