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Pioneer SD-643HD5 rear projection convergence

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Hi all,

I have a convergence issue with my Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" rear projection HD ready TV. I'm not a tech, just a home owner that believes this unit still has value.

I'm worried about the base grid in green. It's different in all modes. The differences creates a "shakey green line" in the places of greatest offset. On one mode the green base grid looks like a view from a blimp into a square football stadium (deep dish appearance). I've read other forums and have ordered two IC's. However, from what I gather, the unit may actually need a DCU, or at least, a wipe and reprogram of the one I've got. I may be wasting time on the IC's? I also foresee the possibility of wasting time trying to reprogram the DCU (if it's possible).

So, Questions relate to "what do I do next". I contemplate the following:

Is there a simple diagnostic to determine which component is wacked (IC's or DCU)?

Where can I find a DCU for this unit at a good price?

Will I require the service manual for "wiping and reprogramming" the DCU (this would be an attempt to NOT buy a DCU)? If so, where can I find the service manual? Will I need the manual for installing a new DCU or even installing the IC's (for calibration of convergence). I have images of taping string to the front of the set to create a grid and having a headache for a month.

Thanks for your assistance.

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The fix is almost always the IC's, possibly a few resistors and/or fuses. Once in a while the DCU, but you need to try the IC's first.
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Wow, Now that's some fantastic information! Thanks! I just changed the IC order to the updated part and will head to Radio shack and pick up some tools. I'll let you know how it goes. I plan to put the new parts in and hope all runs well. Should I need the service manual, where do you recommend I go for it? I'd love to get it free. If I do pay for it, I don't want to receive a "scanned" version with poor quality images with tables that can't be read.

Thanks again!

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