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My KEEN eyes see a BLURRING in Video Games on my PANNY!

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FOlks, I've been noticing something wierd on my PANNY that I couldnt quite pinpoint until now that Im actually narrowing it down. In some games with fast action movement, I've noticed some color smearing or slight blurring.

I noticed it in basketball games with the side to side camera...and I only notice it on a quick fastbreak when the camera pans quickly left or right to follow the action of alot of players running, ball passing, ect. It seems as if there is a quick softening, or slight blurring of the player's in motion. It's kind of hard to describe because it happens only for so short an instant that you dont really see the effect but it's there because as your going back and forth reall quick throughout the game, it keeps happening which starts to give you slight headaches or eye strain.

Ill explain as best I can:

Its almost as if the contour of the players in quick motion slightly discolor and blur or soften out of focus when moving really quickly. And the only comparison I can describe is it quickly looks the way text looks when it is slightly soft or out of focus that requires you to go into the settings and realign the convergence to sharpen it up.

Now mind you, the games look great but when there's this quick movement of all the pixels it at least appears like that for a split second that can be somewhat noticeable and wearing on my eyes

Am I describing this well?......Do all Plasmas suffer from this?

I actually stopped playing games on my LCD because the game lag would cause a different anomoly, action would never lose focus but rather appear to have chunkier framerates...as if the LCD couldnt keep up with drawing all the detail quick enough

but framerates with the Plasma seems much smoother but this issue seems to be a quick softening of the convergance around the fast moving objects contour??

AM I crazy?

I have a Panasonic 77U 720P 42" set
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I've read that some games do that on purpose, Uncharted being one example. Maybe that's what's going on here.
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No you're not crazy. The only crazy thing about your post is that you didn't post your console nor your resolution and input method.

What you are describing is sometimes called motion blur. This particular motion blur is caused by resolution loss from moving images. It is normally more obvious when using 480i, 576i, 1080i or whatever interlaced input.

LCD's suffer from this as well.

Even when viewing a progressive source you can expect to lose 20-30% resolution during fast motions. Expect more around 50% on an LCD.

How close you sit to your TV is also a factor as to how you perceive blurring since your eyes can't track objects when they move quickly over large distances. The closer you sit... the longer the perceived distance that the object is moving.

As to your previous LCD issue:
I guess that you have a PS3 and that you were using it on 1080P on your LCD. Thus the framerate issue. But just guessing...
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Actually its a 360. and I've noticed it playing College Hoops 2k8 and NBA LIVE 08

It could be in other games as well but I've only noticed it in these 2 so far

My Dashboard is set to 720P...I havent tried it at any other setting because my TV is only a 720P display so I figured this was the appropriate setting to use
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Also...i dont actually think Im crazy because if I read correctly, the actual 2008 line of Panny's is gonna have a GAME mode. So I am thinking that this would be along the lines of giving enhanced image or frame rate responses in the new TVs?...no?

So Panasonic must know something is there in regards to games and some sort of lag or very slight motion blurring?
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I-m pretty sure the game mode has more to do with response time when it comes to input lag. Panasonic doesn't really have that problem as things are now anyway (maybe a bit on pz700 and company). Sounds more like marketing jargon. Panasonic cant be the only ones to not have a gaming mode now can they.

Anyway your problem sounds like normal motion blur. I'm quite sensitive to it and sometimes it bothers me. Plasmas have a fast response time and I doubt they are gonna be getting any faster.

You can't interpolate frames in a game. It requires reading ahead. So the TV has to make a buffer. And the buffer causes input lag. Since the TV is showing you the result of the buffer (1 or 2 frames ago).
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Plasmas are a lot better than LCDs at the lack of motion blur, but they're still nowhere near as good as CRTs in this respect. They also have yellow phospor trails .It's no coincidence that the Sony GDM-FW900 and its counterpart with the SGI lablel are considered the HOLY GRAIL in Gaming Displays

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Panny's do not suffer from input lag like DLP has been notorious for. They do have a small amount of blurring during pans. Yes, CRT cannot be matched in terms of motion, it maintains sharpness, which becomes obvious in any side-by-side comparison. But in this modern age where most games use motion blurring (yes, most!!) it's not a critical fault. If I use my plasma for long stretches and stay away from CRTs I don't really notice the issue.
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Yeah it must be blurring.....I can tell you this, I got a really big headache/eyesoreness from playing EA's latest demo on my XBOX 360, FIFA STREET 3. It's almost unplayable because the action is so fast with back and forth runs in a small schoolyard setting and the game turns into a visual mishmash that kills your eyes

It doesnt look very fluid, or sharp when in motion......Please try this demo and tell me what you think. Its very hard to follow the action fluidly with your eyes on my Panny 42C77U Plasma
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Im hoping the new 2008 models with the GAME MODE address some of this
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Originally Posted by DarkFudge View Post

Im hoping the new 2008 models with the GAME MODE address some of this

If it's built into the game I don't think there's anything a display can do about it.
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A game mode isn't going to help this, it;s inherent in the panel technology, not the processing. Plasma is much better than LCD in this respect, but there is still motion blur. If you want little or no blur, CRT is pretty much the only option. I guess 3 chip DLP might also be good for this.
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