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TVONE Blending Info, General Q&A or just how to? - Page 30

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Decided to bring this old thread back up with some screen shots, now on a 13 foot wide scope screen.

Angels and Demons


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Looking Good Nashou,
How much increase in fl are you getting now the new 9" guns are installed ?

BTW did TVone ever fix the 4.2.2 pass through ?

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No Increase since I increased the screen size from about 11.5 feet to 13 feet or about 4 meters wide now!!! It actually went down a couple fl.

No they never added it its all 444, I use RGB from Oppo to Moome.

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A little clip i did with my iPhone to show those who do not know exactly how Blending works.

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Very good demonstration, the blend zone is really small in your setup!
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It is made for about 208 pixels but I find going to 225 hides the zone better. On the 13 foot screen it is about 16-18 inches wide. So yes it is small, my zoom I think is set at 177 after using the 1:1 pixel mapping in the source menu. I'll have to double check when I get home. The zoom is what determines how large the blend zone will be, but when using 1:1 you have to make adjustments and some menu's get hidden so adjustments will not ruin the mapping.

I find the image is more precise allowing the 1:1 and then just going with what it throws out at you wink.gif

There may be other ways to do it but my physical location is set in stone for now I am not moving those damn things for a long long time !

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When I experimented with blending I also preferred the smaller blend zones as it gave me better results in both sharpness and phosphor usage for scope screens.
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So with two G90s in an edge blending setup, what would be the optimal resolution? Primary use would be with blueray, but also some satellite HDTV.
I understand that 2.35 images are only using 1920x800 (or817-whatever the 2.35 image works out to). Where as 16x9 images use the full 1920x1080. Can I still get full 1080 on a 16x9 blueray, or will they all be at 800 ? Do I still need a separate scaler and the Moombe Mux unit? Sorry to ask such stupid questions, but the info is so fractured over 5 years or so, I was just wondering what the current theories were. I currently have one G-90, but there seem to some available for darn little, and I'd love to up my screen from its current 123" size. So I'm just trying to figure out the difficulty/complexity of getting something like this setup, and of course what all it will really cost $$. Thanks for any advice yo may have - PK
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