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Only TU-DST50/51 still ?  

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So are the TU-DST50 and 51 still the only HD set-tops with 1394 outputs? (I know about the 169 mods, but I mean production units). I'd really like to replace this DST51.

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I understand JVC will come out with one to match up with the 30000U

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...one of the experts but i do have a 51/PD 1000/Dish modulator setup. From what I gather (experts correct me please if wrong) all the NEW D-VHS firewire recorders have copy protection potential built in. So the firewire issue will be moot as far as recording goes. The provider will simply black you out of recording when they choose.

I believe however that in a few years all units will use firewire to pass wide band data such as HDTV. My A/V receiver has the potential but no jacks.
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I think they will be allowing some recording. They may also be restricting it to copy once.

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I have an ad slick for a Pioneer Elite STB that had a firewire connector, that I got at CES last year. I don't know if it went into production, it was expensive, I've never seen an actual unit.
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