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Surrounds And No Room

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My room is 16 x 12 and open on one side my seating area is on the back wall if I place my surrounds where Paradigm suggests 18 inch's from back wall I will be seating behind the speakers, my question could put the surrounds on a 45 degree in each corner, place them on the back wall or replace them with in ceiling surrounds?
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In a situation where you're up against the back wall, it's probably best to stick to 5.1 and not try to do rears since you can't get them behind you at all. In ceilings won't really do anything different than a 5.1 system except make rear-ward images come from above you rather than sort of right behind or in your head, and IMO this is a detriment.
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My mistake I should have stated surrounds not rear surrounds , thanks for the quick reply Chriswiggles do you have advice for this set up ?
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In 5.1 two on the back wall, one each side is a totally valid alternate way to do it, there are virtually no negatives to it.
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