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Lutron PC control interface

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Does Lutron come with PC based control interface- Radio RA or grafik eye- or do you have to use 3 rd party software

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Both RadioRA and GrafikEye are PC compatible. I don't believe Lutron has their own control software, but you never know. MainLobby supports RadioRA and there is a 3rd party driver for the GrafikEye. One of our dealers wrote it.
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CQC also has a driver for the rs232 interface.
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The Lutron RadioRA Components page shows a Network Control Interface with the following to say:


The RadioRA Network Control Interface allows control of a RadioRA system through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center, etc...)
Can be used on any RadioRA job with a Chronos System Bridge or RS232 Interface and a home network
Control light through a number of popular devices devices (PC, PDA, tablet, touch-screen) or remotely
Allows control of up to 8 User pages and up to 15 scenes
Model Number: RA-NET-120

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Does anyone have the software they can send me for the nci interface? It looks like I made the mistake of clicking auto upgrade in the advanced menu of the system. It wiped out the old file and tried to update it from a defunct in2nets web page. It looks like in2nets are out of business and as a result no file can be found. Pls help.
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Looks like the NCI serves it's own configuration web page.

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