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Guys im new and need some help! :)

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Well for starters hello everyone,

im new to the forum but im looking for some help....Im finally buying my first HD tv (thank you tax return! lol) but the problem is im lost as what to get. My main thing being done on the TV will be Xbox360 and movie watching. I have been looking at the Hiatchi p42h401 which is 1080i and the samsung 4235 which is 42 inch 720p. I just have no idea what will look better with my xbox360. I have tried researching but I get overwhelmed with all the tech talk since im so new to all of this. Im hearing that xbox360s native resolution is 720p but some games are made at higher resolution or something along those lines? Any help that you guys have I would really appreciate it just because I want to make sure my money is well spent. Thanks guys!
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1. What is your budget.
2. What is the max size (imo bigger is better).
3. Blu-Ray/HD-DVD or DVD or both.
4. TV Service (ie Cable, Dish, or Over The Air). Do you have a HD receiver.
5. Are there any other hookups other than the xbox and movie player.
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well I was shooting for like 1100 give a take a hundred
im probably going with 42" my room isnt that huge heh
im not even running HD cable to be honest its just gonna be for movies and xbox360. That being saideven my movies will probably be run through the xbox HD DVD player down the road when I get it. PS I will be running the xbox to the TV with HDMI I have a newer 360 with HDMI port in it and im assuming its better?
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Having never seen tha Sammy, I would still probably recommend it over the Hitachi (I own the 50" version). HD content (HD-DVD/Blu-ray/HD cable) looks great, but SD is so so and greens are over saturated. I wanted a Sammy but picked up the Hitachi on Black Friday for under a grand so I couldn't pass it up, and in a couple months (waiting on house to be built) it will not be my primary TV. I've had great experiences with Sammy TVs, though never a Plasma. So there, take it for what it's worth.
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Yeah I have heard great things about Samsung the main thing im wondering is the 1080i vs 720p for gaming and wether I should go plasma or LCD due to extended hours of game play cause I do play alot on days that im off (scared of burn in)
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