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The .1 (in 5.1) lost without a sub?

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I was told by a salesperson that without a sub you lose the .1 track in a 5.1 soundtrack. My question is: first, is this true? second, what about if you set the front speakers as full range (large)?

I ask about this because I unfortunately don't have space for a sub. I was planning on getting the Paradigm Monitor 9's and run them full range. I'm also getting the CC-290 center channel.

Will I lose the LFE track in movies?
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When you set up your AVR you tell it "sub-no", and "front-large". After that all LFE information will be routed to your front speakers (or all speakers setup as large). Remember, if your speakers aren't capable of 20hz output at the least you WILL be missing some LFE performance, since many movies have 20 hz or lower content in them which your speakers will not be able to handle.

Edit: I looked up the Monitor 9s, they only go to 39hz at best. While thats fine for music, you won't get the full LFE slam with movies. As long as you're OK with that your new speakers should be fine.
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The LFE channel is recorded 10 dB higher than the L/R's or surround speakers. When "downmixed" into the L/R's (using the setup floridapoolboy suggested above), the 10 dB is attenuated (reduced) from the downmix. You don't completely "lose" the LFE, but it will be reduced in level and reproduced by less capable speakers, (those Paradigm's are down 2 dB at 51 Hz and they drop from there). You won't get full effect that you get with a subwoofer, that's for sure.

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Thanks for the responses.

I understand I won't have the same capabilities as with a sub but I won't completely lose the LFE track.
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You will need a sub for sure no matter what anyone says,
Unless your fronts have a built in sub you will be missing 90% lfe tracks.
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I would everything I can to find space for a good sub.
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what if you only have pro logic?
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With Pro Logic, the LFE is mixed in, so you will get as much of it as the speakers can produce.
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well, i'm not so sure. my reciever is much older, no digital inputs or 5.1 output, just the dolby pro logic. and currently using the analog connections, hoping to get the denon avr 5803a.
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No reason to worry about the LFE track being "lost." As I understand it, the LFE track adds supplemental bass to emphasis bass that is already in the movie, but bass at volumes that would otherwise overload many speakers. See #3: http://www.hometheater.com/content/bass-management-and-lfe-channel-page-2

I believe it might also carry ULF, but then your speakers can't produce that.
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The deftech towers have built in powered subs. Food for thought. Not optimal but an improvement.
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