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I was doing some maitenance on my SF screen and scratched it pretty good. So I put on a quick coat of SS to get me by until I figure something out.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my SF screen.

But now that I hit the 3D realm, I want to try and get some deeper blacks with reflections to try and eliminate some of the ghosting I am getting.

I figured the aluminum would be good to reflect the 3D, versus the basics silver.

Unfortunately...that's not the case. The Aluminum is usable ONLY if it's reflectivity is considerably masked by the paint used as the bulk of the Mix.'s simple to mix...but it's also simply too limited in scope and potential to be anything but a basic, Gray Screen.

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SF doesn't have any deficiencies. I'm just really picky, just ignore me.

Well iffin' you want something for 3D action...we have something a lot netter than BW waiting in the wings. It's for certain that BW is NOT what you want to consider using. If you want some advice on the matter...ya just gotta ask.
But not on this Thread.

Man.....if you had any SF 5.5 left at all, and you had of asked, I could have walked you through a easy repair using a special Sf-hued Filler and with a little Prevail Bottle Sprayer, that screen would have been good as new.