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Where to mount bass shaker

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Do i mount it to the cross bracing { 4x10 } or should i mount it to the seating surface {3/4" plywood} ?

I have 4 for a 6x10 riser. Thanks.
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I cut some 4X4" pieces of ply and then attached those to the seat frame. I then screwed the bass shakers to the wood. I have some pics in a thread on another site. I'll pull them and post here for reference.
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i was hoping to put them in the riser to keep it all neat and tidy. Prolly won't work as well as mounting them directly to the cairs. I will mount them directly to the main front seats.
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I have mine mounted straight to the risers, front seats which would be on cement, I used 3/4" plywood bit bigger then the chairs, carpeted it, mounted bass shaker in the center of the plywood and put the seat on the plywood. BTW, I have 8 Aura's powered by a lowely Onkyo 304, and everything rumbles pretty good. When the foundation of your chairs shake the whole chair shakes...oh and don't tighten them down to much, and don't have them to loose there is a middle ground and you will have all the rumbling you need.
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Here's how I did it. I've tried to attach pics of each step.

I first located a cross support in the lower 1/3 of the seatback. This support was constructed from a 1x2, so it wasn't big enough to mount the shakers too, which are about 5 inches square. I decided to mount a 6X6 plywood plate to the 1x2 to hold the shaker. The plate is attached with 2 screws that I countersunk to provide a flat surface for mounting.
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Next I mounted the shakers to the mounting plates with 4 screws, one in each corner.
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I then connected each pair of shakers together in series. I have a total of 4, so each pair was wired in parallel to one another before hooking back up to the amp.
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Here's a picture of the shakers all wired up and ready for action. The white cable hooks the two shakers together. Each shaker has a gold cable that runs in series with the set of shakers in the back row.
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One thing I would recommend is attaching them to a good solid piece of the frame. This will really amplify the vibration that you feel. I have loveseats that would seat 3 comfortably. 2 shaker was more than enough for each loveseat.
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Hokie, will you mail me a magnifying glass so I can see your pics.

If you do mount them inside the riser, make sure you design an access panel that will allow removal/servicing should the need arise. I originally had mine mounted in the riser but couldn't get rid of a resonation that they were creating so I pulled them out.

Edit: I was thinking you were using buttkickers. I don't think bass shakers will have near enough power to do what you need if mounted inside the riser, IMO.
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Originally Posted by bass addict View Post

Hokie, will you mail me a magnifying glass so I can see your pics.

Sorry about that. I accidently pulled down the thumbnail instead of the image. See if that's better
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