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Anyone have the Denon DVD-3910 Firmware upgrade handy?

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Hi. I picked up a few of these for a great price, couple for friends ... couple to try and make a little money on to support my gear addiction. Know that at least one of them is pre dlIII support and would like to update it before sending it off. However, don't want my name attached to the serial number in case my friend needs to have it serviced (you have to enter all your info to get the dl).

Btw, have them for the 5900 if anyone needs them ... doesn't take it to DLIII but apparently fixes a few things.

Thanks in advance.
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Rob -- I have them for you -- if you still require them.
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I have a DVD 3910 as well.

Can some one point me to the firmware updates as well?

How do i know the current firmware version and what are the benefits of each update?

I do on occasion have a HDMI sync issue with my Pioneer receiver and my Mitsu DLP project at 1080i. The 3910 will just lock up and I have to hard power cycle it....

thanks in advance.
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I can probably get you a copy of the last firmware on CD. Let me know if you want one.

I use my 3910 regularly, and use it with the HDMI connection.
The 2004 HDMI connection is not as robust as current-day products. Once I switch my unit on I have to manually unplug and then replug the cable from the Denon in order to get it to sync properly with my 2008-model Radiance VP. (Otherwise the picture flashes on and off.)

So it is possible that even the latest firmware will not solve your problem, nor is it necessarily the case that your unit has a definite problem.

Do you use iLink by any chance?
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Regarding determining current firmware -
(learning how to use the "Search" function will be invaluable )

Press the small "Power" button "Off"
Press and Hold the "Open/Close" and "Play" buttons simultaneously
Press the small "Power" button "On." (Keep the "Open/Close" and "Play" buttons pressed.)
"Loading" will appear in the display
Release the buttons
Use the remote to press/enter "3 2 6 5"
Press "Menu" on the remote
The display will then show player information
Each time you press "Menu" the display will cycle through a next page of the player's information.

Firmware version is shown by the number after "6609"
i.e. "6609-x"
I believe that the most recent version is "6609-8"
I believe that the most recent Multiregion is "6609-9"
(This is from memory and notes so it may be off - don't worry.)

FWIW - "Makeday" is the date that the firmware update was released.
Thus, "Makeday 831" is August 31.

Other information is unimportant, secret geek stuff for Denon reference.
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Thanks Hunter.

After posting last night I was able to download the firmware from Denon's site and made the 3 disk set and completed the flash sucsessfully.

I then turned everything on to watch a movie and it was a succsessfull HDMI Sync between my receiver and projector.

I will be testing over the next several weeks.

The firmware files i downloaded were all tagged with 2005 modified dates. I will check what firmware i actually have when I get home per your instructions.

thanks again.
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My Pioneer Elite Receiver does not support ILink.

All connections are made through HDMI.

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I just turned everything on and the HDMI sync'd pefectly.

I just reread your post Hunter and I used to have to pull the power cable on my 3910 to get it to sync properly as well.

So far so - thanks.
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Excellent news. I'm glad everything worked out.

"2005 modified dates"
Then you've got the current, most recent files.

The next step should be region-free status, if you aren't already there ...

(Once the world is accessible on your 3910 check out the "Live At Vallhall - Homecoming" DVD with a-ha. Excellent audio, good performance, and thankfully-relaxed camera work.
Darn near perfect, especially with the music videos included. One in particular is worth the price of the disc.)
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Thanks Hunter.

I have firmware ESS 6609-B per the menu.
Make day 413D (I guess this means I have April 13)
DRV 030825
system 6767-5
DSP 6770
C 20041028

How do I go region free? I will definetly check out the A-Ha vid.

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You're welcome. The 3910 remains an excellent unit, especially for audio. (If you ever have an opportunity to use the iLink connection through another Pioneer receiver, do so. The improvement in audio quality is amazing.) How's yer weather in Chicago, BTW??

I will try to locate my copies of the software to enable region-free status. I'll let you know.
In the meantime you might want to try this -
To make the Denon DVD-2910, 3910 and A1XV play DVDs from all regions:

1. Ensure there is no disc in the player.
2. Power off using the front panel On/Off button (not standby).
3. Press and hold Open/Close, Play and Skip Reverse (I<<).
4. Keep the above buttons held and Power-up the player using the On/Off button, holding the above buttons until the player's name disappears from the front panel.
5. Wait until the player finishes LOADING and the front panel of the player shows 0:00:00.
6. On the remote handset, press in sequence; 7 3 1 9 4 6 2 8
7. The unit should enter standby mode. On the front panel of the player, press the Standby button to turn the player back on.
8. To confirm the update, press on the front panel Stop and Skip Forward (>>I). The front panel should briefly display Region_A2. If not, then repeat the process 1-7 above.
This hack needs no firmware upgrade

I've never had the need to try it, but it can't do any harm.
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I do have S400\\Firewire links on both the 3910 and the Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi.

Is this what you mean by iLink?

Currently I pass audio via the Coax Digital out. I don't think the 3910 will pass audio on the HDMI.

When I connect the iLink - will I also pass DVD audio (when I am watching a movie)? or is that only for passing SACD\\HDCD and so on???

thanks for your help - looks like I will need to buy more cables.

I have an i (iLink) indicator on my Pioneer - It will probably light up when I make the connection.
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O.K. I have the iLink working right now.

I had a firewire cable from my dig cam.

I turned it on in the 3910 and set it as a input on the Pioneer.

All is well. Everything is working great for audio and video.

And I have a new cool blue light on the Pioneer....

I left the HDMI on for passing video because I can' over iLink - right?

I disconnected my dig coax cable.

Sweet - I love finding out new stuff...=]

If you can't tell I am working from home today - its COLD out....
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"I have a new cool blue light on the Pioneer...."
It IS cool, ain't it???

"I left the HDMI on for passing video because I can' over iLink - right?"

"I disconnected my dig coax cable."
You can. Either way.

"Sweet - I love finding out new stuff...=]"
Yeah, especially with these nice results.
BTW - how's the iLink sound on that Pioneer?

"If you can't tell I am working from home today - its COLD out...."
You should see NEXT week.
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The sound is awesome.

I may need to go get some SACD's to really enjoy it - but standard material is noticably better - clearer.

iLink is pretty cool - My Pioneer see's that it is a Denon 3910 - and I guess I can control the transport functions from the Pioneer now - although I haven't turned this functionality on in the denon yet.

Yes - I know its going to get colder out here soon... Can't wait...=]

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

I should also note: While doing all of the tweaking I was switching back and forth between projector and SAT TV and so forth and the Denon is linking through HDMI 1080i consistently. Its yet to lock up on me since the firmware flash (which in the past resulted in pulling the power cable to get it to respond again).

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I have finished finding and reviewing all of my software and notes. And I have also retrieved the software version information from both of my 3910's.

You have the most recent, and final, software -
ESS 6609-B ("backend software")
Make day 413D (yes, April 13; the overall release is dated 6/22/05)
DRV 030825
System 6767-5 ("system software")
DSP 6770 (audio processing software)
C 20041028 ("IEEE1394 software")

So you are all set.

And ... this should also make your player a Multi-Region unit!
If this is not the case then I have software to make that happen.
If it turns out that you need it send me an email -

Good luck. (And again - good luck with next Thursday. weather.com makes it look ... uh, well, kinda like Chicago in the winter.)
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I wanted to say Thank You.

Your help has been much appreciated.

I will certainly email you should I have another problem.

Again - thank you so much - I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the heads up on the weather - Its going to get cold....
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You are very welcome. Good luck.
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Does anyone know of any HDMI issues between the two? I have the 2809 and am pickiung up a used 3910 next week and wanted to ensure they work together...

Any feedback on 3910 is would be appreciated...
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I just bought a DVD-3910 from a nice seller on Audiogon (he got it as NOS, just a few months back).

Beautiful unit, very well-built (and sounds great on SACD) but I can NOT get the HDMI to output a DTS or Dolby Digital bitstream from a DVD to my Denon 2310 receiver. Know receiver is fine, since I can get DTS from by panny blu-ray. I can even get DTS from the digital output (coax) of the DVD-3910, so I know that the player can produce it - just not over HDMI. HDMI will only seem to carry PCM (either stereo or multi-channel) - per the indication on my reciever. I tried all the setup combination possible, per the manual HDMI should carry DTS when the HDMI audio is set at "normal". On my unit changing from "Normal" to "PCM" makes no difference to my receiver ....

I suspect that this was something that was corrected by a firmware update. But I called Denon, and they told me flat out that there was NEVER a firmware update for this unit. Also tried to download from Denon's website, but the serial number wouldn't be recognized.

SO - I'm hoping that someone who did firmware upgrade in past would be willing to loan (or sell) me their three magical disks. I'll be happy to simply copy and send back, or if you want you could make the copies and I'll gladly pay for those and shipping ...

Many thanks,

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Check PM.
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I Hunter

Got the same problem, My avr don't see my player by the hdmi, I'm all Denon.
Before I had the [AVR-3802] and change for [AVR-4308], do you know if I really need the ilink cable to use the full potential of the SACD.

The Firmware is 6609-5

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Norm 55 -

Check PM.
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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post

Norm 55 -

Check PM.

Big thanks for Hunter, really appreciate the services.
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Definitely welcome, anytime.
Good luck.
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Hi guys and Merry Christmas - So far I had my 3910 hooked-up on my Denon 3806 via HDMI and Denon Link, and all was great.
I just replaced my 3806 with Onkyo's pre/pro PR-SC5508 and realized that I cannot get SACD over HDMI. What would you recommend as the best way to get the two connected?
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Originally Posted by ezervoud View Post

Hi guys and Merry Christmas - So far I had my 3910 hooked-up on my Denon 3806 via HDMI and Denon Link, and all was great.
I just replaced my 3806 with Onkyo's pre/pro PR-SC5508 and realized that I cannot get SACD over HDMI. What would you recommend as the best way to get the two connected?

It work only with the Denon link cable, no other way, I upgrade mine to the Denon 4308 model, very big difference.
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The 3910 can pass the SACD and DVD-A bitstream in TWO ways:
- via Denon link. This is possible only with a Denon receiver cabled to the 3910 with a Denon-supplied cable (or an identical one).
- via 1394 ("Firewire"). This is possible with any receiver with a 1394 port; connection is through any 1394 cable.

HDMI cannot pass the SACD or DVD-A datastream.

The Onkyo (obviously) does not have the proprietary Denon Link capability.
The Onkyo does not have 1394/Firewire capability.
The Onkyo cannot accept a SACD or a DVD-A digital stream. It can only accept multichannel SACD or DVD-A through its analog inputs.

Connect the analog outputs of the 3910 to the analog inputs of the 5508.
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I will be grateful if anyone could provide me with the Denon link 3 upgrade firmware. Firmware is 6609-5, my analog outputs have died.
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