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idea... thoughts?

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So I was kicking around this idea in my head and I thought that I would get your thoughts on it.

The same questions seem to be asked over and over and over again, for example the "best 5.1 speakers for cheap" kinda questions. So I thought about building a simple web app that would return speaker selections based upon price ranges or other simple requirements such as 5.1 or 7.1, bookshelf or tower, etc, etc. Do you think this would be useful? Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

This also could be applied to other components as well.


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You would replace the "best 5.1 speakers for cheap" threads with "SuperSimpleSpeakerSelector webapp says I should buy Widget Class II speakers, what do you think?" threads. That is if you were successful at getting people to use it.

Human nature...
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I think it would be great, and very funny, if you built an app to collect all the data and have the solution spit out - "Thank you. Some one has already asked and answered this question. Now do a REAL search on AVS Forum."
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