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Thanks for the info on the Samsungs. Given we have some HD on cable now I am thinking it would be more useful for us to wait and get a receiver (when available and affordable) that has Firewire that could also be used for timeshifting with a D-VHS.

Regarding the compression of cable signals: Retranmission is agreed upon between TWC and the local channels and I would be surprised if any station allowed their signal to be further compressed than that sent out OTA.

Regarding TWC pricing, you will have to call them for exact numbers as our bill includes RoadRunner and more and TWC lumps some of its pricing together. But for a ballpark number and looking at a Sumter price list, it appears it would cost you at least $52.22/mo (maybe more) plus another $5 - $6 or so in tax/fees: basic cable - $41.32 digital tier -$ 2.95 conv box, remote, nav - $7.95.

Not really useful as a complement to a dbs service.

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Originally posted by MikeInIrmo
FYI : WOLO (25-1) and (25-2, radar) has been 100 % with no dropouts so far, no picture on 25-1 yet, I guess they are still testing

We have not experienced any problems with reception of WOLO, we have 3
of the RCA DTC-100's in use for test in Columbia, and they show no problems receiving WOLO-DT 25.1, which has video present, including the
ABC programs that are sent in HD.. What STB/Monitor are you using?

Bob Davis,Director of Engineering

Mr. Davis,

I have a Hughes HIRD E-86 connected to a Panasonic PT-53WX52, I Don't understand why I don't get 25-1, any ideas?

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Well, I had assumed it wouldn't be something affordable in addition to the satellite. I was just asking because there will come a day when Dish Network has to stop broadcasting WWOR and WSBK. There's already been a court order to that effect many months ago.

If or when that happens, I'll no longer be able to get Enterprise via satellite. The bad news is I'll be stuck with the poor picture and mono sound from WQHB and the worse news is that WQHB is supposed to drop UPN some time next year.

The good news is that the WWOR/WSBK package is the main reason I switched to Dish from DirecTV. If that goes away then I'll at least think about switching to the cable TV service, at least if that also nets me HDTV. How's that for an elaborate plan to deal with something that may never even happen?

My absolute best-case scenario is that WQHB upgrades their facilities when they put their digital transmitter on the air AND that they somehow keep showing Enterprise. In that case, the satellite will become moot anyway.
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Wow, I don't recall any dropouts Thursday night. hmmmm. (I am really confused now....) Were these audio or video or both? Anybody remember what the weather was Thursday night? At one point the WLTX feed to TWC was OTA but it might be fiber optic by now. And the only reason I can think of a difference between cable and OTA might have been the weather.


I think the weather Thursday night was dreary, that is probably the reason for the poor reception, audio and video. I think rain does effect the signal, I remember the Georgia vs. Carolina game had lots of drop outs.

PS: Last nights reception was perfect!!
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Originally posted by Brent Hutto
How's that for an elaborate plan to deal with something that may never even happen?

Chuckle... totally understandable. I too have been wondering about the WQHB move to Cola and apparent change of affilation to only WB. Regarding last nights viewing: Hack/CBS.... looked good for the 10min or so I tuned in (sorry; dvd night). RHD/CBS.....great

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I have a Hughes HIRD E-86
Don't understand why I don't get 25-1, any ideas?

Mike [/b]

Planning to carry my Hughes and Samsung down to Columbia on the
next trip, may be next week before I get down there again..
try 8-1 and 8-2 as well and let me know.
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Originally posted by bdfox18doe
Planning to carry my Hughes and Samsung down to Columbia on the
next trip, may be next week before I get down there again..
try 8-1 and 8-2 as well and let me know.

I did some playing around, are you ready for this ......................

Saturday I started playing around with the tuner in my Hughes, If I type in 8-1 and select within 3 seconds the tuner will re-tune to 25-1 and I get a picture. (I have noticed this with the CBS local 17-1 re-tuning to 19-1). I think this has to do with Physical channels and Virtual channels? So after the tuner re-tunes from 8-1 to 25-1 the picture will drop out about every 30 to 45 seconds, also if I hit the guide button the picture will be lost. Again the only way to get a picture on 25-1 is to have it re-tuned from 8-1, and it goes blank for no reason or if I hit the guide button.

So I give Hughes a call, hoping to get someone with more knowledge than me. I explain the whole situation to the guy on the phone and his attitude was if one channel come in correctly than it is not the fault of the box and they can not control the way stations broadcast..... good by Hughes.

I did some more experimenting, my Hughes box has a feature called "The Advanced Program Guide" This feature will add local channel programming so it shows up on the Directv guide. To set this up there is a place to add your zip code in the setup. When you choose this the Hughes box displays retrieving zip code data, I assume through the satellite stream ultimately from Directv who knows? After you finish with the zip code entry the message "Updating Guide Data" appears on the screen. When that goes away all local programming for your area is mysteriously placed into the Guide. Then another screen has you perform a scan for locals and they are added to the channel list.

To make a long story short, If I remove my zip code in setup, the Guide data shows "Regular Schedule" in the guide and no specific programming info for all local channels, but your channel 25-1 comes in flawlessly every time!!

I really like the Advanced Program Guide feature of this box but it will not allow me to get and hold a picture on 25-1. I am not sure how or why this prevents the channel to come in but it does.

Do you think it is because WOLO has recently began transmitting?

Or that wherever the Hughes gets its information on locals and schedules knows that WOLO is transmitting now, could some database be out of date preventing the tuner to work correctly?

Is your test box a Hughes HIRD E-86? If you get a moment can you see if this happens with your box?

Confused, but getting the picture,
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Hi Mike-
Glad you're getting a pix now. I will try and duplicate your experience.
We broadcasters don't like the APG..basically, it puts the DirecTv guide data
in place of our EPG..While that is good when broadcasters aren't sending
it, it shortchanges the viewer on other channels that may be provided EPG by the local broadcasters.
I'm not sure we have WOLO 100% correct, since the signal comes out of Charlotte we are doing some "new" things that have early software. But, it will only get better..I have the Mits HD-5, which is really the same box.
Please send me your comments on Tonight's programming via PM, I'll
be in touch..I'm specifically interested in how Alias looks and sounds..
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I have found the solution to my reception woes when veiwing CBS-HD on TWC using a SA3100 HD STB.I have found if I unplug the receiver before my initial evening viewing that I experience no dropouts.I viewed the second half of the game on Saturday without any reception errors.So,I was set for my usual CBS Monday viewing.I received 3 hours of perfect reception,not one dropout.I would imagine that these boxes being very much like a computer,need to be restarted occasionally.I use a Tivo recorder for analog and therefore the box needs to be turn off occasionally.Seems like TWC use to turn these boxes off every week,but not so regularly anymore.In the setup menu I have set my start up channel to be 810,and as the box is starting up I also cancel the interactive guide.This inturn devotes all the processing power to HD and I don't change the channel,especially not to any Ondemand channel.I know that this sounds extreme,but the first half on Saturday, before I rebooted the box was a nightmare.Conclusion,we need newer more powerful boxes in Columbia,as TWC keeps adding every Ondemand channel in existence.Just try it ,it wont mess any of your settings up.
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Those on the north/northeast side of Columbia toward the SC/NC line, I am curious if our analog channel 8 from High Point is causing reception problems and if so, what kind for WOLO-DT Channel 8.

In several years all stations will have to decide whether to shutdown the analog channel and move all operations to the digital channel or shutdown the analog and move the digital to the old analog channel and shutdown the digital channel.

Very few markets have VHF digital channels and those of use who have VHF high band analog channels (7-13) are debating whether it is worth moving the UHF digital to the VHF analog channel when it comes time to go all digital or shutdown the analog and stay on the UHF digital channel. Since you have a digital station on channel 8, this is exactly the scenario we would have, so we are very interested to see how other stations impact the range and viewablity. Obviously this will be a several year study since the time of most interference is spring and fall when you have cool nights and warm days.

Please feel free to PM me, post here or email me directly at clayno@wghp.com. I will be checking this thread periodically.

FYI, WGHP came on the air in 1963 and we are still using the same tower and antenna when we signed on and we have no plans to change this in the near future so things should be stable for a while.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Charles Layno
Transmitter Supervisor
High Point, NC
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Your right.... TWCSC has added a ton of On Demand services (9 freebees and 5 PPV so far... ). However my box is handling them fine and not undergoing the problems yours is. I have noted that two of the OD channels do not have Closed Caption support... not sure if that applies to all the OD services or if its intentional.

Bottom line is I have not rebooted my box by unplugging in ages. I really suspect your box has a problem and needs replacing.

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The new SA8000 boxes with DVR functions are being distributed now.There is supposed to be a HD version,but TWC of course was unable to verify this.If you have a connection,please check on this.These boxes are the hottest thing going.A powerful processor with a bunch of ram.
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I talked to my contact at TWCSC late this afternoon and mentioned your situation and referred him to this thread since I did not have your name/address type details. (pm me if you want me to do more and include those details or email me at brucedenman@hotmail.com).

kevinivey and all,

My contact and I today talked about the new DVR8000 which is SD only and now out in limited numbers. (rent from $5 to $10/mo; depends on your current TWC sub. For me, would be $5). And yes there is a HD model on the way but no date was mentioned per se' (nor was a cost). He thinks it will roll out like the original SA2000HD box did; pretty soon after the standard box did. I am more pragmatic... saying we will see. But I will keep in touch on that myself as it supposedly has Firewire (and hopefully will mate with a D-VHS). That would be nice!

And a brief word regarding WOLO was that they have been offered a retransmission agreement by TWC. Given it took WLTX about 3 months to get one worked out I figure it might take awhile (but hoping I am wrong on that).

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Guess what the 8000 being distributed(according to the PDF Specs)has 2 1394 ports on the back left handside.
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That is good to know! However, SA has been known to incude ports in their boxes for future expansion but which have not actually been used (not by TWC anyway). The original 2000HD box had an ethernet port and the current 3100HD box has USB. It could be the Firewire is there primarily for the HD version of the 8000. Lets all hope so anyway.

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I am testing the new 8000 box.Just hooked it up and used for about 2 hours.This by far the best cable box ever made.The ondemand works without any delay.I have Tivo and so far this will replace it.I would really be excited if I could view HD through it,even if I couldn't' record it.I wish I knew if these 1394 ports were HD video out.If they were ,I guess it would cost me,as I don't have a Firewire capable tv and my only less expensive alternative would be a D-VHS recorder.
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Great news! What happened with your 3100HD? They give you the 8000 till they can get you another? Did you call them today or vice verse? Do keep us updated on that unit if you would as I am sure many will want the HD version. Bruce
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Although, I am a new registered user I have been following this thread for about a year.
First of all, I would like to thank all of you, for the valuable and very timely information on this thread.
Now to my question, I had been receiving the signal from WOLO-DT with very little problem (drop on sound from time to time).
However, starting Tuesday afternoon I completely drop the signal.
I read the message posted by MikeInIrmo and drop the "APG" option in the receiver without any success.
My OTA receiver is a RCA DTC-100 and my antenna installs over my satellite dish.
I am receiving WLTX-DT and WLRK-DT without any problem.
I'm located on the Northeast Columbia area on the vicinity to Clemson Road.
Thanks, in advance.
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WOLO-DT currently off-air due to some transmitter maintenance issues..
We will be back on shortly, I hope..
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Thanks, for the prompt reply.
I'd like you to know that I'm enjoying the test so far.
Is there is anyway I could be of any help during the test period or after, please let me know.

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chummel and others:

Currently I would recommend the Winegard high band VHF antenna for receiving WOLO-DT. The model number is YA-1713. Here is a link with specs : http://www.starkelectronic.com/wya1713.htm

This is a great antenna with a built in balan so that the coax can be directly connected to the antenna. Very good build quality.

Bob, what VHF antenna do you use/recommend?

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I'm not a fan of winegard, I tend to favour Channel Master.However, for
home usage it should be fine. My preference is the CM 1160A, if it is still
made. It's a V/U combo, that's abou 11' long...a big sucker..Here,
We always use Blonder-Tongue cut channel antennas, they run $100 and
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WOLO-DT is back on now..Hopefully, if all goes well you will see Push!Nevada tonight, and the HD lineup this weekend..reception reports are
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When is Wolo-DT "live" date?What is the realistic time frame on TWC carrying the signal?
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WOLO's "Live" date probably next week sometime pending completion of testing.... TWC is in the works, You'll probably know before I do!
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Does anyone have any inside scoop if WACH-DT is going to go "live" November 1st?Has anyone picked up there "test" signal OTA?
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WACH is located on the same tower with WOLO..The transmitter is installed, however they don't yet have the ability to feed the DTV signal
to the transmitter yet..Hopefully Rick will have it On-air soon!
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I'm getting WOLO-DT signal with no problems.
Cola NorthEast.

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Is anyone seen this game today?I would love to know if you have had reception problems with this feed today.I have Checked my signal on my 3100HD box and have seen the signal drop(10db)alot while viewing,all other channels seem to maintain properly.I would appreciate OTA comparison.
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I caught the last quarter and saw no reception problems here via TWC. PQ varied from mostly good to occasionally fair (motion artifacts). -- Bruce
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