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This may be a little off topic but you guys seem to be pretty knowledgeable about SA boxes.

On the SA3100HD setup menu, there is an item called Audio Range and the choices are Wide, Normal and Narrow. Does anyone know what this setting sets and the reason for making any of the choices?

On my setup, I am using both the audio right/left for my TIVO and VCR and the Digital Coax out for my Home Theater receiver.

Sometime's I have a hard time understanding soft dialog, sounds like garbled mumbling and can't decide if its the program, the setup or I'm just going deaf.

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This is a very helpful forum!

I plan to upgrade my SA 8000 to the HD version. My question is this:

I am planning to get the Panasonic 42PWD6UY plasma display, which is an ED (not HD) model. Should I notice any difference in PQ using the DVI connection vs using the component?

[I need to know this because I can order the display with a DVI "blade" to accept DVI, or I can buy a new receiver that does component switching and use the single component input (included with the display) for both cable and DVD. So, with the cost of the 10 meter DVI cable, it is the same cost either way (but with the component option I get a new receiver)].

I would appreciate any ideas on this.

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Where are you buying your Panny from? I have been looking at that model for a fall purchase. time frame. To answer your quetion, there should be a significat improvement with DVI over component with a fixed pixel display like plasma. Panasonic makes one of the best displays for contrast and black reproduction. Try lurking awhile in the plasma section of this forum. They have discussed DVI vs. component quite a bit lately.
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Originally posted by kevinivey
RCA DTC-100 is showing "Programming Information Not Available" for all locals except Wltx-DT 19-1. The 100 list the channels call letters for all except for all the WIS stations which list nothing. Being that this is a early D* box it my not have all the software to pick up new PSIP. I guess if it were hooked up to a dish, the programming would be inserted by D*.

The 100 will not read DirecTv's APG for Locals.. As to WOLO's EPG, we're
currently undergoing software upgrades, so I have it disabled.
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I had my 8000HD installed last night, and like many of you, had to get the tech to call in and "activate" it. It wasn't allowing me to record, nor tune into any of my HD tier channels. Anyway, he called it in an voila! It worked.

FYI - Just as a test, I recorded over 11 hours of HD-only content overnight. Checked it this morning and all recorded fine. Got another 5-6 set up during the day today, will see how that goes after work. 20 hours sounds about right...so glad it wasn't only 7.
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Also, my tech didn't really know anything about the boxes at all (e.g. how large the hard drive was), but he was courteous and helpful and stayed until everything was working correctly.

I'll add my kudos to Diana of TWC for a seemingly excellent (from my viewpoint and y'all's) rollout!
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to chummel,

Thanks for the response. I haven't decided where to order the Panny 42PWD6UY from yet - any suggestions? I don't know of any local (midlands) people who would sell it at a reasonable price. I am considering some of the internet dealers recommeded on this site.

I still would like to hear from someone who has actually used the DVI connection between a TW STB and a 42inch ED plasma and compared it to the component. Theoretically, it should be better, but in real life???
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Good Morning,

We have decided to stop imposing upon Bruce's good will for providing our information. Many thanks to Bruce for all his assistance over the past couple of months. Please bear with me as I negotiate all the ins and outs of posting on this forum. I'm actually a little nervous that this post may end up who knows where - but here goes.

As Kevin indicated, S-Video and Composite Video are not currently active. I have learned these features will be activated in the same software download that activates the DVI. As mentioned earlier, this download is expected to take place in March.

In addition, I do appreciate you patience over the bug we have run into in order to authorize the HD DVR. As with all product launches, there are typically bumps in the road. Fortunately this seems to be a minor hiccup (except for our Billing System Manager, who is pulling her hair out). All the appropriate codes are being placed on your accounts, in the same manner as with the SD DVR, but for some as-yet-unexplainable reason, the billing system is just not recognizing them. The hit to your converter resolves the issue, but we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for all the kind words. I can assure you the Time Warner Cable is committed to providing our customers exceptional customer service. We hope that the information provided to this forum will contribute to that end.

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Howdy! Regarding the DVI/TWC connection .... you might end up being the first one to try that combination in our area. Like you said, the theory says better but in real life? I do know that the folks here with DLPs do seem to prefer DVI connections. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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Welcome Diana!
I was happy to help! Your assistance has been very much appreciated. Thanks!
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I have a question???? Last night about 1:30am I lost the sound on the digital Teir (100-999) the analog still works(2-99). Called TWC they are sending out a tec. to check it out, I hope its not the same one from yesterday I knew more than he did. Anyone have any Ideas his problem???
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I am having the same audio problems. Initially everything worked fine. However, starting yesterday the audio would not work thru the tv speakers on the digital channels. The analog channels were fine. I could still get sound on the digital channels through my audio system, just not thru the tv speakers. I unplugged the box and let it reboot, and everything was once again working fine. However, I am sure it will probably happen again. I thought it was my tv at first, but everything else was working fine--including audio on analog channels through component. So I guess it must be something with the box.
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FOZ32, I did what you said and rebooted the box by unplugging it. Turned it back on and the sound would come thru my HT, but I still can't get any sound thru my TV speakers. The guy from TWC didn't know anything about how to reboot it. They are going to have some training this coming Wed. I would still like to be able to hear it thru the tv speakers, so I wouldn't have to have the HT system on all the time. Comeon guys someone can figure this out and give us some help!!!!!
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Originally posted by Mitchell B.
FOZ32, I did what you said and rebooted the box by unplugging it. Turned it back on and the sound would come thru my HT, but I still can't get any sound thru my TV speakers. The guy from TWC didn't know anything about how to reboot it. They are going to have some training this coming Wed. I would still like to be able to hear it thru the tv speakers, so I wouldn't have to have the HT system on all the time. Comeon guys someone can figure this out and give us some help!!!!!

How do you have it setup that you could hear it through both?

Optical through your HT receiver, and RCA through your TV?
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I presume you guys are talking about audio issues with the SA8000HD DVR. On my 8000HD the audio is working fine using both the digital and analog outputs. I have the 8000's digital coax output connected to my A/V receiver with coax (RCA ends) while the analog outputs (red and white RCA jacks) are connected to the TV (DTV input). I have not yet tried out the Toslink audio output.
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Well, I am also now a proud onwer(renter?) of the 8000HD. The tech guy was here early and was waiting on me when I got home from work.
Again a big "Thank You" for Diana @ TW, she got me hooked up with this box much sooner than I could anticipate!
So far so good using this DVR, I briefly recorded whatever was on HDNet at the time and playback was flawless. Most of my HD watching comes on during the weekend, so I'll give it a good work out then.
Besides the HD feature, this box performs so much better than the 3100HD ever did. The picture formating and scaling for HD signals is a god send! My TV locks into full mode when ever it receives a progressive or HD picture, even if the source is non-widescreen. Now with the 8000HD I can format the picture to a nonprogressive/non-HD signal and use my TV's stretch mode. (Which I like better than the boxs).
Now I have to dig into the settings and find out how big the hard drive is

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My set up is the same as bdenman. I have not been at home to test it today, so I am not sure if the problem still exists. Everything worked fine at first thru both the tv speakers and the ht speakers. And then last night the audio would not work on the digital channels (the analog channels were fine) thru my tv speakers, but everything was fine thru the ht speakers. After I unplugged and rebooted the converter, everything worked fine again. So I have no idea what the problem is/was. Hopefully it is resolved.
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Anybody have program guide issues (the channels numbers are not matching the programs listed) For example, it showed Spongebob on the History Channel?
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Derrick; no, not that I know of (was just setting up some stuff too).

Gene: yours hard drive should be the same size as mine (and the others too)... a 160GB model (Maxtor 4R160SO). That should be good for about 20 hours of HD recordings.
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Is it possible that I hit some button or somehing on the remote which misaligned the display of the guide? The channels on the left do not match the programming to the right? Any ideas?
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No issues with the guide at my house. Reboot and see if it can't fix itself.
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Derrick: that is totally now to me. Never seen anything like that with the standard 8000 (used well over a year) or this new box. You might call CSR and talk to them or reboot the box and see if that helps any.

If it were my box, I would first reboot it and see it reloads the guide information. To do that turn off the box and then pull the plug for a minute (15secs might be enough but what the heck). Then plug it back in and wait for it to reboot.

If you are recording anything at the time you will mess it up (but is should come back and start up again. If that fails; call CSR (who well might suggest the same procedure). Or call CSR first and see what they suggest. I think they are available until 9pm locally.
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el guru has spoken. She said what I was trying to say but in about 1/10th of the number of words I used. I should take notes on how to speak more concisely and to the point.
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I'm just typed out after this week.
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And I talk too much... not succinct at all!
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Reboot was catastrophic. No Guide at all now and no HD channels. After reboot, I get message Advance Services Temporarily Unavailable.
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Hey Diana, Welcome to AVS !!

Well boyz (and girl) I'm gponna join the TWC HD club in the morning. I'm really looking forward to it.. No more antennas and picture fading in and out. Maybe I can finally get PBS HD really good !!

I also REALLY look forward to recording in HD, that should rock..

I'll post back tomorrow and let you folks know.

Take care,

-- Cain
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I know this is kinda lame condidering you guys are now recording HD but I got my Hughes HTL-HD hooked up tonight with my Infocus X1 (projecting to about 90" diagional). Tonight my wife and a friend watched the OTA PBS-HD special on the reconstruction and we were completely blown away. Major wow factor. Incredible shapness/resolution/3D effect etc etc. It exceeded my expectations for sure.

My wife who's pretty techno-resistant was like "ok--I understand why you want the HDTiVo, get it asap".

Funny thing was that I "found" an old antenna in the attic for OTA (we just bought this old house in shandon). Connected the RG6 coax, pointed to the northeast and dropped it down to my box and am getting great reception of all channels.

I can't wait for sundays CBS football--and I usually could care less about football!
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Did I miss something of did PBS change channel numbers. Also, has anyone experienced a re boot of their 8000HD when trying to tune an HD station like INHD?
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See my previous posts on this page. My channels in the guide were out of line with my program lisitngs, so I tried a reboot and poof, no guide and no channels above 100? I guess the box needs another "activation" from TWC?
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