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My Explorer 8000 hasn't been used in a few weeks. I will check it out tonight. My guide on the Explorer 2000HD box has been EXTREMELY slow. I meant to call Ray Rushing today, but forgot to. He said he would swap me out for a new Explorer 3100HD. Maybe that is the problem.

I'll let you knowwhat I find out about my Explorer 8000 tomorrow.
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Craig; yes it is good to get ABC back on cable. Hope it sticks this time

Re: the Explorer 8000: yes; the 30sec forward skip was disabled with the new Dec firmware though the reverse 8sec skip still works. Interestingly some of the remotes used here in our area have the dedicated button (AT8410 unit I believe) while others do not (AT8400 model). And since there is no Explorer 8000 forum yet here at AVS let me direct you this one instead. It is an Explorer 8000 DVR only discussion forum.

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There is a good looking show on SCETV right now that is about the railroads in the Grand Canyon. The sights are beautiful along the Colorado River. Check out channel 800. It started at 10:30
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Hey Bruce, thanks for the link. This thing keeps deciding to stop recording my wife's soaps after 1 week so maybe I can find a solution in the forums you pointed out. Have you had any Record All, Save All shows that just spontaneously stop showing up in the scheduled list?

P.S. I am even loooking forward to getting Fox Widescreen on cable! At least it is better than NTSC tv. The only thing that does bother me is I was hell bent on getting away from cable when I bought an Antenna, a Dish 6000 and a Sony HD100 and now here I am back with TW!
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The scheduled list is occasionally flakey; sometimes a lost recording (less frequent now than before) and an occasional gift recording (shows up unannounced and unrequested . Do follow the group and perhaps join in. Maybe SA will listen . Wife here is primary user and I try to get her to check her planned recordings each morning. (I do the same).

The "Record All" does seems unreliable perhaps sometimes due to errors in their program guide (it won't record duplicates and their naming sometimes appears to be too generic). Still with all its faults the box is still worth having. Key would be to log each days planned recordings and see what one gets (but that is called "work").

TW has done a good enough job for me overall and specifically in regards to HDTV to keep me from switching over to Dish or DirecTV.

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HOw is you OTA receiver working out now? R U keeping it?
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last weeks football games were the first hd sporting events i've seen broadcasted live. I had a question: there were a few spots where the picture would go noticeably out and back in to focus(usually just prior to a play), and also when there was a close-up, with a distant, out of focus background, the background portion seemed to be broken up into a grid. I hope I am somewhat clear. My STB is fairly new, and I am still looking for problems, so I am a little paranoid. It all looked like issues with the broadcast, but I wanted to make sure someone else saw it too. Also, I'm not a big prime time network TV fan, HD or otherwise, but HD football is absolutely great! Thanks,
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I was just notified by telephone that WOLO-DT has now officially been launched on TWCSC. As most of us already know it is on cable Channel 815 but it is now no longer in "test mode." So our local ABC station is now here to stay barring future technical difficulties. Superbowl fans should be very pleased!

I asked about the weather channel that WOLO-DT multicasts OTA but my contact had no information regarding it. (Personally I am not really worried about the weather radar channel as I prefer prefer the one provided by WLTX anyway.... better scale). The WOLO channel does provide the NWS audio (WLTX has no audio at all). The NWS audio is really poor.... a computer "reading" the forecast (yuck). No word yet on WACH joining the TWC lineup.

Question for Scott or one of the other Florence/Myrtle-Beach viewers: can you all get WOLO OTA?

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comment on the focusing: I too have seen that quite a bit and believe it has been addressed here at avs somewhere as part of the learning curve for the camera operators (HD harder to do than NTSC). Not to worry .... not your hardware.

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Thanks for the update Bruce!
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Over the air WOLO-DT is loud and clear in Florence
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Good! It had better be!
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Can anyone verify that WACH is broadcasting OTA? I live in Columbia Northeast (Lake Carolina) and receive CBS, ABC & PBS in the 95-100% signal strength on my Samsung 160. I have scanned for WACH but cannot get any signal on HD. I do get the analog WACH 57. This may be the reason that Joe in Irmo is having problems with his Samsung receiving OTA.

PS great job with this thread.
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Chummel: sorry I missed your question earlier about the box: yes; so it would appear I am keeping it. I do however have to find a way (soon) to get an antenna lead down an interior wall; if I fail in that I will return it.

jsirwin: yes, WACH is broadcasting on Ch 48-2 (I can get it on my Zenith HDV420). I recommend you go back through this thead and see the discussion started on Jan 14th from joe balazs and Bdfox18doe (bob davis). The problem appears to be your Samsung and how it burps on the PSIP data sent out by WACH. ("Program and Systems Information Protocal (PSIP) is the ATSC standard for digital television channel naming, numbering and navigation. DTV Receivers use PSIP information to tune and label digital and analog channels." Bob pointed the way to Joe to find a firmware update that might help.

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Is WACH broadcasting 24 hrs? I have the latest firmware. I have been following the TS160 thread since early October. There are lots of posts there so I may have missed something. I do recall seeing comments about bad PSIP but my understanding is that was caused by the broadcaster(FOX in most cases) and had to be corrected by the broadcaster. I checked again and found something to try. It's just that WACH's OTA transmitter was out for a while and if they are not broadcasting when I scan I won't know if it is the Samsung or WACH.
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They were broadcasting during the day but I would have to check to see if they are actually doing 24/7 every day. They did get their transmitter fixed (replaced their tube) and they were on night before last. Okay; as of right now .... Saturday 5:05 pm... they are broacasting on Ch 48-2 a ST Voyager episode (same as on their analog channel).

From what I understand, some stations configure their PSIP in a manner that Samsung receivers do not like (choke might be a better word). This causes problems for you the Samsung owner. It might be worth a call to the station's engineer and letting him know of the situation. Bob Davis mentioned a firmware to the Samsung box that might help though that is not necessarily easily accomplished. I recall way back when here at avs someone reported the problem to their station and they were able to change their PSIP to where the problem was aleviated (at least temporarily).

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Just scanned for Digital Channels @ 4:50pm & 5:10pm but no Wach-48. I noticed the Samsung delayed going to channel 49 twice as long as when there is no channel present. That tells me it is picking something up at Digital 48 but can't resolve (choking as you put it) the PSIP. I have the latest firmware. Everything else works great on the Samsung just cant get WACH 48. I am going to try to reach WACH engineer through the WACH website. If anyone knows a more direct route please post.
Thanks again Bruce.
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Hi Guys ... good to have this dedicated Columbia-HD thread. I have been away from this forum for sometime now.

Glad to see WOLO join the HD lineup. But would give my left kidney for Discovery-HD ! Whats happening with Time Warner ? I called them about two months ago and they said that talks were in progress and it would happen soon.

I have both ... the 3100HD box and the 8000 Recorder. The recorder has its own mind ... it records shows I never ask it to.
Microsoft has convinced the world that software bugs are normal and we should live with it. Now this lack of quality control has permeated to other things in our lives Some of the quirks I have come to anticipate - for instance if you record Show X from 8-9 every friday ... and it so happens that the next friday at the same time slot they happen to have another show ... the recorder will add both shows to the scheduled list for future recordings. I figured this out when I told it to record CBS show "48 Hours Investigates" every Friday and ended up with it recording "Prisidio Med" every Friday at that time on top of "48 hours" which had moved to another time slot. Apparently, whoever programmed this thing did not make the code check if the program name matches before adding it to the schedule. Doh!

On HD picture quality ... I have a well-calibrated Toshiba HDTV ... all HD channels look perfect ... except CBS ... it looks clear ... but has a slight greenish hue. The rest of them look just perfect !

If anyone knows who I should be contacting at TW about Discovery-HD ... preferably someone higher up than the person I dealt with couple of months ago ... I would appreciate a PM.


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Welcome back Max.

Re: Discovery HD Theater. I check Discovery's web site periodically and not only is there no TWC mentioned there at all but it seems to be growing cobwebs . I suspect corporate (not local) TWC said no to whatever Discovery's monetary demands were. Another possibility is they are planning a HD package and their not ready yet.

Re: contacting TWCSC, Perhaps you could write directly to Jeff Hirsch, General Manager, Time Warner Cable of South Carolina, 293 Greystone Blvd. Columbia, SC 29210. (I have no email address for him).

re: Explorer 8000. Yep; it has some flakeness still. Since AVS has no Explorer 8000 forum, suggest you visit this one instead. There we are documenting and commenting on various quirks of this box.

re: green tinted CBS: cannot help there; can't say I have seen that phenonoma here on our Mits (which is also calibrated). Will pay more attention in the future just in case.

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Who calibrated your TV?
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Originally posted by chummel
Who calibrated your TV?

I got it calibrated by a company in Charlotte. Like I said it looks great on all other channels. Moreover, the Video Essentials Blue filter test passes.

Might I add that the greenish hue is absent on certain CBS shows. Since I don't watch network shows ... my impressions are based on a few minutes of observations while channel skipping every night. So probably disregard until I get you more specific info.

Wish the figure skating on ABC was HD. Oh well.

Later guys .. glad to be back.

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Today's NFC playoff game on FOX was reported by some to have been broadcast in DD5.1 audio. Did anyone get that from WACH today? All I got here was 2.0. Bruce
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5.1 was ONLY in Charlotte, LA, & Washington.
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regarding the WACH-DT / samsung problem. i've been in an email exchange with a WACH engineer on this problem. he indicated that they were going to check out their PSIP settings and get back to me. hopefully, it is something simple. please let me know when you can receive WACH-DT and i'll do likewise.

joe balazs
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That sounds good. Did your STB need a firmware update? Mine is OTA + DirecTV so the update was done by DirecTV in December. Purchased in November and OTA has always worked well with the exception of WACH. I will be looking for your comments once you hear back from WACH.

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I got confirmation that WLTX-DT will not be offering Dolby Digital 5.1 anytime soon.As noted in upcoming programming news that The Grammy's on CBS next month will be broadcast in HD and 5.1.They do not own equipment to pass the signal from CBS.Seems strange that they would have outdated equipment after being on the air only a little over 6 months.They however did a excellent job with their AFC Championship broadcast yesterday with no audio or video dropouts in the 2nd half,1st half unfortunately viewed SD away from home.
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WACH-DT just came up on a scan for Digital Channels. Showing as WACH HD 57.1. I guess WACH reviewed there PSIP and corrected. Give it a try.

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I hope the Super Bowl sounds better than the Rock does right now. I can't even hear the music it is so intermittent. Dialogue barely gets through.
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I noticed recently that their audio has been very low as compared to any other channel on cable.Tonight it is messed up terrible via TWC.
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I too have noticed the audio is horrible. It seems to be at least 10 db below any other channel. It is still better than not having the channel at all.

Hopefully WOLO will get their audio fixed so the Super Bowl can sound as good as CBS did for the AFC playoffs.
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