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I called WWMB today and the engineer said they were having trouble getting the transmition line installed on their 2000ft tower. Their still waiting on the construction crew. They don't know how long the wait will be but when it's done WWMB & WPDE will go live at the same time.
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Any updates on WLTX on Mid Sept with TW. I am anxiously waiting. If they were smart, they would unveil it to us in time for USC/UGA which will be in HD on CBS Sept 14 at 3:30

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Ok, so most people that live in Charleston wouldn't consider Mt. Pleasant to be no mans land, but it might as well be. . . . we've got no HD here locally and the only official word i have received from anyone (thanks to an application submitted to the FCC) is that WCBD (NBC) is beginning "low power" transmissions on November 30th. It's a very frustrating situation. But, I won't waste any more of your time complaining..... Here's some questions for those of you (Bruce, etc) that make up what seems like a pretty good wealth of information.

1. Anyone have a guess as to the expected range of a "low power" transmission. I know that low power is very vague, but it's all i've got at the moment.

2. What is the furthest distance that anyone in your area is receiving signals from WLTX? I'm pretty sure I'm well beyond the practical range of receiving any signal from them (approx. 100 miles or so), but I would rather have someone knowledgeable tell me that so as I sit and watch the US Open in SD I can stop "wondering" about the possibility of amplified reception.

Thanks in advance and congratulations on being in the HD world. Be thankful for what you have.
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Time Warner of SC has added CBSHD Channel 810 to the menu! It is on right now (9:15pm). Hope it stays. Not a bad finding upon my recent return from Alabama this evening!

The program on right now is 60 minutes and is presented as a 4:3 program that has windowboxed with gray bars on either side. Unfortunately there are also narrow black bars along the vertical edge (right is wider than left; wonder if it will change sizes). Something to ask the station about if it continues.

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I watched the US Open today and it was grand!!! CBS-HD is finally on TWHD service. Watching CSI right now and it looks great. I have never been so excited to see a channel like this. I am actually giving away my tickets to the football game against UGA this weekend so I can watch it in High Def. Hopefully WOLO and the others will follow.

Take care guys!!!

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Just talked to Rich O'Dell, WLTX GM to thank him/them for the TWC lashup. For those who missed it, CBSHD via TWC went live 5pm last Friday. Current TW feed from WLTX is OTA; will have a fiber connect in about two weeks. Ch 811 with the OTA radar channel should also be on cable soon. I asked about bitrate used for HD but Mr O'Dell referred me to Eng and suggested I call next week. Last, the program information from Tribune for TWC's guide is in the works.

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CSI was awesome again tonight. I am aching for more HDTV. This is the first time I have skipped Monday Night Football that I can remember. I will be watching CBS programming each and every night it is on. King of Queens, Yes Dear, Raymond and Becker were all great quality pictures. I will be calling TW and WLTX tomorrow to express my appreciation for them bringing CBSHD into my home. Hopefully we wil have all channels sooner rather than later. Have a great night guys!!!
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Tonight, Jag looks awesome too!! I have never watched this show before, but am thoroughly enjoying it. A few other shows are following so I think I am just hooked on CBS.

Take care guys!

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I am told that

1. WOLO-DT is on the air

2. Channel 8 @ 48kw ERP

3. Carrying the ABC PrimeTime HD lineup.
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Excellent news; appreciate the update!

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On for testing at this point, awaiting final approval for 24/7 from our
corporate office..
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Receiving you loud and clear here in Florence. Can't wait to see Alias in HD. THanks to WOLO, ABC, and BOb Davis.

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Scott...thanks for your reception report and kudos too for Bob Davis and his folks for getting WOLO-DT up and running. I hope Bahakel Comm Group and TWC will soon be negotiating for retransmission rights.

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I may not have read all the (many) postings to this topic but I don't get a very clear picture of the current status here in Columbia. Let's say I put up an outdoor antenna over the Thanksgiving weekend and obtained a set-top box from somewhere.

a) What DTV stations would I be able to receive?

b) What "real" HDTV programming is on those stations?

I live near the VA hospital in Columbia. I'm very concerned about the fact that anywhere in my yard I put the antenna there will be 50-foot pine trees either between me and the transmitters to the northwest or between me and the transmitters to the northeast.

c) If there's a 50-foot pine tree directly between my antenna and the broadcast tower and somewhere between 40 and 80 feet from my antenna, will that cause such bad multipath that there's no hope of getting a good DTV signal?

d) Finally, does anyone know whether WQHB will really be discontinuing UPN programming this spring? If so, there may not be a local outlet for Enterprise (hard to believe). I was hoping that when they get their digital transmitter up and running they would also start broadcasting with stereo sound instead of mono. That point will be moot if they don't show Enterprise.
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I am a HD cable user but here is what I understand the current OTA situation is:

ABC Ch 8 WOLO-DT (may remap to Ch 25-1) (not on TWC yet)
CBS Ch 17 WLTX-DT (may remap to Ch 19-1, 19-2) (the HD channel is on TWC)
PBS Ch 32 WRLK-DT (may remap to Ch 35-1, 35-2. 35-3) (the HD and 2SD are on TWC)

NBC and FOX should come on board later this year with DT OTA. WB next year and regarding UPN I have no idea what WQHB is doing either.

Real programming is primarily primetime comedies and dramas and some presentations on the weekends (CBS has SEC football on Sat). CBS has one daytime soap on too. PBS/SCETV ) has an occasional HD or Widescreen SD program. For schedules, see /titantv, hdtv galaxy, or atlanta hdtv

Techically WOLO is still in test mode and does not have all the final approvals. (suspect tha might mean they might still have some glitches). Also note that Time Warner Cable offers HD over their digital system too (PBS, CBS, HBO, Showtime for now). (HD box rents for about $10/mo)

This http://www.ardman.com]site][/url] has a coverage map that might help you find your distance and azimuth to the towers (click on the banner; check DT, APP and STA boxes and search on your zipcode or your geographic coordinates).

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Thanks Bruce. I have azimuths printed out from some other web site (can't recall where) so I've got a pretty good idea exactly which trees are in the way

It really looks like there's no hurry for me based on the current availability. I'm probably going to put up an outside antenna just to eliminate the monthly lifeline-cable bill (in addition to Dish Network) but the first upcoming reason to want HDTV is probably The Masters next spring. We watch the Sunday evening cartoons and a couple of sitcoms on Fox, Enterprise on UPN and other than that maybe an hour a week of television at most. Mostly we watch DVD's. Since WACH in particular and Fox network programming in general aren't that far along the HDTV path I think a set-top box is something I should wait as long as possible on.

I did call Time-Warner Cable a while back and ask about HDTV. I didn't talk to the HDTV-specific person but the $10/month seems to be on top of the "digital cable" charges which were $50-something/month or so. That's a pretty Cadillac price for my basically Chevy needs.
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Trees can be a pain. I have a cousin in Rock Hill that has been fighting them. Just yesterday he just installed a new, bigger and higher still antenna on his chimney..... today was hook up day and I have not heard the results on whether or not it improved his DTV reception.

If your a Dish customer I can understand your situation. But for some (like me) it was a cheaper way to go rather than buy into a multi-receiver dbs system. Someday I hope to get an OTA tuner (with Firewire) so I can "play" and perhaps start down the road towards recording OTA HD.

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Glad to see there is a local HD forum on the net.I have been a TWC HD subsriber for about 6 months.I am using there SA 3100HD receiver,hooked up with component monster cable to my Hitachi 53" Widescreen.I am using the Dolby Digital out to my receiver.I receive HBO-HD,SHO-HD,WRLK-DT,And WLTX-DT.I been having alot of blackouts(lost siginal),audio droputs,green pixalizations when watching WLTX-DT,andWRLK-DT.HBO and Showtime are perfect all the time. Does anyone else have similar problems with these channels?
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WRLK-DT has had ongoing problems with their encoder which was installed in late May and their downlink sat setup has occasionally been affected by heavy rainfall. They have working with the manufacturer Harris working the encoder issues and last I heard a firmware upgrade was in the works.

My experiences with WLTX has been pretty good and have seen only a few dropout problems. I suspect things will settle down there in time and get better. Like you said HBO and SHO don't have similar problems but they don't encode locally either.

Question: Out of curiosity, I see you went to Monster cables....did you try the cables that came with your SA box and were there problems or did you switch to the Monster ser set just in case? I have tried my OEM cables and a RS set and both work fine.

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The cables supplied by TWC were cheap and too short. I spent $2500.00 on my TV,and figured the cost of these cables were justified.
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I live over off Garners Ferry as well and have pretty good reception for WLTX and WRLK. Haven't pulled in WOLO yet. I have a Dish 6000 and a new Sony HD100 and I will say the Dish 6000 doesn't give me as good of signal strength as the Sony (with the same antenna, of course) I get about 95% with the Sony as opposed to 85% with the Dish. Everything got better when I installed a rotor for my antenna (CM 4248) because the height went up about 4 ft. I can demo it for you sometime maybe.
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Forgot one thing,
Hey Scott, what VHF antenna would you recommend adding to my CM 4248 for WOLO?
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I was wondering if anyone out there is watching WLTX-DT with a OTA Set Top Box.My TWC cable reception has been very inconsistant.I have watched
several shows from start to finish.I watched CSI Miami on Monday,my reception was perfect all the way through.I watched CSI on Thursday night and the screen went black 16 times,and the sound went out 21 times,and find it impossible to enjoy watching this channel when this occurs.What I am really asking is has this been happening with a OTA box.Also these problems occur so often with the SEC games on Saturday that a switch to the analog feed so I don't miss any action.
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We receive HD via TWC here too and last night's CSI was "perfect" .... I do not recall any video or audio dropouts at all. So I don't think the problem you are seeing with WLTX-DT is one of Cable vice OTA. (note that WRLK-DT frequently does have problems).

Suggest you get TWC to come out and check your installation as it sounds like you have a box/signal problem. If you have a splitter in the coax that runs to your cablebox you might remove it and see that helps. If the signal is strong enough one can successfully split the signal say to feed the PIP of one's set and then it should be a 1gHz model. TWC may be able to install an amp in the system to fix low signal levels (we have one here). Good luck!

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Originally posted by chummel
I live over off Garners Ferry as well and have pretty good reception for WLTX and WRLK. Haven't pulled in WOLO yet. I have a Dish 6000 and a new Sony HD100 and I will say the Dish 6000 doesn't give me as good of signal strength as the Sony (with the same antenna, of course) I get about 95% with the Sony as opposed to 85% with the Dish. Everything got better when I installed a rotor for my antenna (CM 4248) because the height went up about 4 ft. I can demo it for you sometime maybe.

Thanks for the offer, Craig, sorry I took so long to respond. After thinking over the stations and programming that are available, I'm not going to pursue the HD thing any time soon. I'll reevaluate in the Spring but for right now it would be a lot of trouble and expense for no real payoff, given our viewing habits.
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Thanks for your quick response.I've had TWC check my line and they say it is perfect.I have all my lines run seperate with a amp. As I stated above HBO and SHO never mess up.I e-mailed WLTX and they said it was A TWC problem and they forwarded my e-mail to TWC chief engineer.I have a theory about TWC carrieng local HD.The worst channels on TWC are the local channels (compared to my roottop recieved signal).They keep adding all this ONDEMAND stuff,which I would think eats up bandwidth.Do we really need Food network ondemand? I am going to Sears or Best Buy and buy a set-top box,and who knows I might be able to pick up Wolo-DT.I will keep everyone posted with my results.
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I pick up WLTX (19-1) and (17-1)with an OTA box (Hughes HIRD E-86), and I am in Irmo. Most of the time the signal is 100%. Thursday night CSI had a lot of dropouts so I watched it on the analog channel.

FYI : WOLO (25-1) and (25-2, radar) has been 100 % with no dropouts so far, no picture on 25-1 yet, I guess they are still testing

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Wow, I don't recall any dropouts Thursday night. hmmmm. (I am really confused now....) Were these audio or video or both? Anybody remember what the weather was Thursday night? At one point the WLTX feed to TWC was OTA but it might be fiber optic by now. And the only reason I can think of a difference between cable and OTA might have been the weather.

Has TWC come out and measured the signals where the cable enters your SA3100HD since the problem started? Keep track of what is happens over the weekend and lets compare notes. There might be an intermittent problem in your neighborhood's distribution cable as well (water in the a cable here in my neighborhood was such a problem early this summer).

A STB from BB, Sears or wherever is obviously an alternative answer but unless you get a Samsung SIRT 150/151 then you will probably have to subscribe to DirecTV (or Dish.


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If anyone in the area is interested, Best Buy on Two Notch road had a couple of the Samsung STB's available as out-of-box demos for $400-something last week.

Bruce (or anyone with HD via TWC here in Columbia):

Does TWC put the raw HDTV feed onto the cable or is it squeezed in with the other compressed digital channels?

What is (the cost of) the minimum TWC package you have to get in order to obtain the HD-capable box and the HD local channel feeds?
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Originally posted by MikeInIrmo
FYI : WOLO (25-1) and (25-2, radar) has been 100 % with no dropouts so far, no picture on 25-1 yet, I guess they are still testing

We have not experienced any problems with reception of WOLO, we have 3
of the RCA DTC-100's in use for test in Columbia, and they show no problems receiving WOLO-DT 25.1, which has video present, including the
ABC programs that are sent in HD.. What STB/Monitor are you using?
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