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I just got my first surround sound setup recently, but I already want more out of it. Basically, I'm just looking to increase the overall volume significantly without increasing distortion. I'm guessing the best way to do this is add an amp, but I'm not sure. I know when I added two amps to my car stereo it really came alive and exceeded ear-bleeding levels, so I'm hoping that would happen with my home setup.

I have Polk Monitor 50s, a Polk CS1, Polk M30s, and a Polk PSW110. I know these are Polk's entry level speakers, so is adding an amp even necessary for them? Will I notice a huge improvement, or do I need better speakers for that?

Any suggestions for an amp? I was looking at the LPA-1. Seems like it could do the trick, but I really am not sure. I can't really afford to put more than $500 into one. Do I need anything aside from an amp or do I just get an amp and plug it into the preamps on my receiver?

Thanks for any help.