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Need Help on Sub Placement

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Ok I have attached a preschool drawing of my room. I currently have the sub in the right corner behind the front speakers and it is somewhat "boomy"
Anyone have a better suggestion? I know having the left side of the room partially open will make a difference but Im not sure

Thanks to all
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Is the seating in the middle or the bottom? What kind of sub, it may very well be the sub itself, not just location.
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There are 2 recliners in the middle (represented by the poor drawings!) and then a home made riser with a couch on it that sits against the back wall.
This is a HTIB Pioneer sub so it very well may be the sub...just trying to get an idea for when i am able to upgrade
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I dont mean to steal this thread but I cant see the point to start another. anyways, is there any " rules " on sub placement? how close can you get to a main speaker? Is there much difference between being in the front or back of the room etc? any advice or links? thanks, chris
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bcarithers: It may be partly due to the Pioneer sub providing the boominess and/or combination of it being in the top right corner. Try moving it 3-4 feet down on the right. Another location I would try is on the right side in-between your recliners and the couch on the bottom. Gives you a bit of nearfield for both seating arrangements.

slow ride: There are no hardset rules on sub placement, one generally has to try different locations if possible. One being near the front left or right speakers (generally the easiest due to available space), near corners (not necessarily in a corner but hug one wall while moving away a few feet from the other), nearfield (being close to your seating position is another method). Everyone's room is different so it is hard to say "put it here", etc.

A SPL meter is a very handy piece of equipment to have for setting up speakers and subs. They are inexpensive and can tell you far more than just using your ears.

There are a ton of links, do a search here or over at Google for terms like subwoofer placment, crawling for bass, nearfield, etc.
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