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Where to start selling my projector?

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Ok, hows it going fellas.

I have a NEC LT265 projector and want to sell it. I like my Big Screen tv's better. Its a high definition projector and is just awesome but i just dont have enough rooms in my house for this. And I'd rather sell it than let a $2,200 projector rot away in my closet. Its in perfect condition and was just wondering who would I contact to sell this and where would I start. Do companies buy these? or do I have to sell it on ebay which is a pain in the butt. I tried craigslist.com but i got scamed and got a fake paypal payment so I did one of those STOP theres a problem with the gizmos and returned my UPS package back to me from caly. Got beat out of 50 bucks for packaging and shipping.

NEC LT 265 projector, anybody have any help for me on this one, I am not here to screw anybody I just want to get rid of this bad boy. I also need the cash to pay off my student loans and to get my girl her ring. lol. Thanks in advance and hope someone has some help for me on where to go.
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Classifieds forum is where I'd start after craigslist and fleebay.
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Try Videogon, I have sold a few things there and it is about as painless as it gets.
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Originally Posted by bguzman View Post

Try Videogon, I have sold a few things there and it is about as painless as it gets.

I sold my projector last week via Craigslist and it was quick, painless, and FREE!!!

Either Videogon or Craigslist is the way to go. eBay is implementing Draconian rules against sellers that will make it very easy for sellers to get ripped off, plus they have higher fees.

A couple of hints:

1. Have it set up and ready to go for a demo when buyers come over.
2. Have it playing and warmed up (so it is nice and bright) when buyers arrive
3. Feed it with a HD signal if at all possible
4. Insist on cash in your ad for local pickup; have a counterfit bill marking pen (from most office supply stores for $1 or so) to check for $20-50-100 authenticity

Good luck
5. If remote buyer, insist on USPS money order or wire transfer for immediate shipping; hold personal AND bank checks (they're not what they used to be) for clearance until shipping.
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The problem is going to be getting a decent amount of money for the projector. There are brand spanking new LT265s on ebay for $899 including a new screen. Like everything electronic, prices come down and features go up.

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Be careful about listing it as an HD projector though. Someone will get mad at you when they find out it is only 1024x768 when they were expecting HD. Compatible with an HD signal is not the same as HD. Just tell folks it can accept an HD signal and give a great image.
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I do notice that the LT265s are going for 900 on ebay and was trying to get something like $700 or $750 out of it or even better. The bulb or lamp on mine has about 90% left to go on it, so its almost new.

The thing with craigslist.com is that I never really get any real buyers, all these robots trying to scam me. I live in New Jersey so the craigslist people out here are a little bit on the rip off side than actually friendly. But im going to keep on trying to sell this bad boy and if some one is interested please let me know.

And do I really have to pay $100 to sell something on the classifieds on this beautiful site?? I was shocked when i saw that.
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I totally feel your pain! I hate selling anything anywhere, because I always feel like I am getting ripped off. The best thing is if you know somebody personally who would like to buy it from you, but that's rare.

I have a favorite place to trade in old stuff, but in your case you might be losing a lot of money. Still give it a try if you like.


They have a trade-in program for various stores, and you can trade in stuff for gift cards. I got about $200 worth for my 5 yo X1 recently.
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Try Projector People some mfg's take trade-in's if you buy one of theirs. Not great prices but better than sitting in closet.

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Best thing to do with a used projector is to look in the family tree for a recent graduate or newlywed and ask them it they would like to set up there first real home theater. Mentor them in setting it up and train them in using the projector.

You will surround yourself with good karma and the more people we convert to our obsession the more the industry will respond with products and advancements.
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