TCL Announces 75″ C-Series 4K Roku TV with Dolby Vision HDR

TCL 75 inch C Series 4K Roku TV with Dolby Vision and HDR10

TCL is on a roll when it comes to offering appealing and affordable flat-panel displays, thanks to its popular Roku 4K TV offerings. Now, the company has a 75″ C-Series flagship that brings a cornucopia of features to the table at an ultra-appealing MSRP of $2000. The 75C807 is concurrently the largest TCL TV and the largest Roku TV available to consumers!

The 75C807 75″ TCL C-Series TV with Dolby Vision looked great in person (video)

A 75″ TV for two grand is an MSRP sweet spot that is sure to convert many home theater buffs from front projection system to a flat-panel TV. And for good reason! TCL has packed this TV with premium features such as Dolby Vision HDR (it also support HDR10).

This is a Roku TV, so you enjoy the benefit of the most popular platform for streaming AV media. It brings more than 5000 channels, including over a half-million movies and TV episodes, to your fingertips.

I had a chance to see this TV in person, in New York City, last week. It’s fair to say that it looks fantastic for the price. Think about it now, Dolby vision in a stylish 75″ TV for only $2000! And not only did I see the TV, I also heard it. And here’s the gig, you don’t need to add an inexpensive soundbar to get adequate audio out of it. It comes with integrated forward facing speakers placed at the bottom of the set. It’s like it comes with its own flush-mounted 2.0 soundbar with 15 watts per channel of power.

Of course, with a TV like this, I’d recommend using the money you save versus competing TVs offering similar features on an AVR-based 3D immersive audio system. I’m totally serious!

Now, it’s worth noting that the C-series is edgelit, unlike TCL’s P-Series that uses FALD. But, it combines a high contrast and wide Color Gamut to create an image that looks great in mixed indoor lighting. So, without putting too fine a point on it, because it has Roku built-in as well as an integrated soundbar, this is a dreamy living room TV. Its big screen offers plug-and-play cinematic immersion. Moreover, all you really need to do to tap into nearly endless entertainment is plug the TV into the wall and connect to Wi-Fi.

In addition to being the largest Roku TV, this TCL is the first Roku TV to offer motion processing. It has modes for both 24p and 60p content, and the strength of the effect is adjustable.

Physically, it’s an attractive TV with a thin metallic bezel. It weighs 71.2 pounds without the stand, and 72.8 pounds with it. It measures 65.92″ x 39.75″ x 2.6″. It sports three HDMI 2.0 inputs (with HDCP 2.2) one of which supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). It has a optical digital output as well as a headphone output and a USB input. Plus, it’s a real TV that includes a tuner.

TCL plans to ship the 75C807 TV in 2017, so it will be available for the holidays.