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Energy EW-100


Pros: large speaker, small foot print, great for smaller rooms

Cons: low wattage

I picked up this subwoofer to replace an old Boston Acoustic subwoofer, utilized in a small room, roughly 12 x 12. Was on sale at Sears for $149.99. For my room, this unit packs a big wallop, even with lower wattage. You may have to set the gain up higher than more powerful units, but even so, the bass is clean, and not boomy. It won't induce chest compressions, but really compliments the satellite speakers in the room. Attractive design.

Energy Take Classic 5 Pack


Pros: Crisp sound, attractive speakers

Cons: Lacking at low end.

I tested these against Boston Acoustics satellite speakers that I currently own. Very attractive package, and can really hit the high notes, but somewhat lacking on the low end, even with a subwoofer. My current Boston acoustics may not be quite as sharp on the high end, but definitely better on the low end, and sounded "deeper". Since I use these primarily in the den for movies, I stayed with the BA. If you will be utilizing for music, you may like the Energy.
AVS › dsskid › Reviews by dsskid