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A very good receiver with plenty of future looking features


Pros: 4k ready 6x HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, 2-Zone capable, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Wired Networking, MHL, Autocalibration with mic

Cons: No wifi, Remote is not very intuitive, OSD (On Screen Display) Menu looks dated

I bought this receiver to replace an aging non-hdmi Sony ES receiver. There is quite a bit of future-proof features that I find very useful (bluetooth, 4k hdmi inputs, 7.2 x 100W channels). The receiver is primarily for movies and are connected to a 7.1 Aperion Audio Speakers (Intimus 5T Mains, 5C Center, 4 x 5B Surrounds, Bravius 8D powered sub). The speaker and receiver combination is a very good mid-range to upper-mid range setup and compliment each other nicely. The auto calibration did a decent job and is quite easy to implement for those who do not like the idea of manual calibration! The receiver itself is very light due to what HK calls GreenEdge technology. The receiver...
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AVS › bryanem › Reviews by bryanem