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First Onkyo ANYTHING


Pros: Features to $$$ benefits, 2 subwoofer pre-outs (7.2)

Cons: Will it last?

Bought this used locally from craigslist for $100 in "as new" condition, all accessories, manuals and box - really like brand new. At $1.11 per watt, it was a GREAT bargain. It worked mostly fine for the first month, but lately the video signal cuts out to my projector through the HDMI connection - this may not be the receiver, but rather the cable or line voltage drops which I am reading HDMI is sensitive to (something about losing the handshake between). All sources produce this same problem. Video cuts out after a few moments and screen goes to snow, then the pj displays a signal not recognized message, then the video comes back, and repeats. ALSO, pressing the video button (to...
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AVS › DaveCarrera4 › Reviews by DaveCarrera4