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A potentially decent game mired in its failed attempt at novelty.


Pros: Pretty landscapes; fairly easy puzzles

Cons: Poor gameplay mechanics; plot issues; engine troubles

Adventure games with minimal narratives have a beautiful resonance to them, if done properly. Works like Limbo, Journey and the small catalog of Team Ico immediately come to mind. The pre-release word-of-mouth regarding Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons certainly had me intrigued about its potential in this gaming category. The plot of Brothers is a simple quest. The father of the titular boys has mysteriously taken ill. The village medicine man hands them a map and points to a far-off mountain. That is all the "exposition" you're given. In fact, the player never sees the map's contents, and you only show it to NPCs on the quest route as an instrument of passage at some obstacles. The ensuing...
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AVS › SIRinLTHR › Reviews by SIRinLTHR