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Splinter Cell Blacklist - Something for most


Pros: Good story arc, both single player and multiplayer offer variety and replayability

Cons: Some cut scenes can be drawn out, graphics not leading edge, a bit buggy in some multiplayer connections

Running game on Xbox 360, 65" HD (1080p) and 5.1 Dolby For background, I played all previous Splinter Cell games, all on Xbox and/or Xbox 360. I loved them all until SC: Conviction. Double Agent started to lose what I thought were the key draws (for me) to the series - the basic stealth v brawn play, the solid SP and tension filled MP that could make you jump from your seat. I read previews and was excited about what SC:B had on offer, but was also skeptical. I have been greatly pleased with everything to date. First, lets go over some of the more definitive aspects of the game: Graphics: Graphics would rate about an 8.5 out of 10. They are more than sufficient, but not cutting edge....
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AVS › dasquared › Reviews by dasquared