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Excellent Value for money - Excels at picture and sound quality despite dated menus/GUI.


Pros: Picture and sound quality, Stability, Durability, Easy to use, Versatile, Price, Good clean looks, connectivity, USB/SD card slot.

Cons: RELATIVELY Slow loading compared to newer units, slow GUI, no sub-title button on remote

OVERVIEW/FEATURES: The Panasonic DMP-BD65 features the obvious capability to play Blu Ray discs and play and up-convert DVDs; The player also handles Audio CDs, as well as MP3 discs, and CD-R, DVD-R discs. It does feature Bonus-BD Live features, but I have only experimented with it a few times, as I am one of those people who'd like to go straight to the movie, which is not to say that this feature is not useful. We have occasionally used the USB and SD card slot to view pictures and it does a great job of displaying the pictures. In addition, the BD65 has internet connectivity via Ethernet jack. Via the VIERA connect feature, one can access a host of streaming services, and so-called...
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AVS › dasher123 › Reviews by dasher123