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An inventive take on survival horror with a mind bending plot and twists that will make you jump.


Pros: Great graphics; Excellent use of environmental sounds; Intriguing Story; Excellent DLC and Spin-Off

Cons: Movement is not always as fluid as it could be; Difficulty level is somewhat uneven; Just what does Alan do with all those Thermos bottles?

Summary Imagine if you will a town nestled in the mountains. Twisting roads lead to scenic resorts, a popular lake, and a quaint small-town community. Picture if you will a man, a writer whose horror suspense books have sold millions of copies who is haunted by his own inner demons. You have now entered Bright Falls. Or is it the world of Night Springs? If those opening remarks were reminiscent of the popular 60's TV Series The Twilight Zone, it is no coincidence. The story of Alan Wake takes its inspiration strongly from that legendary series and breathes its own strange world around it. The crux of the plot is somewhat straight-forward. Alan Wake is a famous horror suspense...
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AVS › bitbearmi › Reviews by bitbearmi