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Impressive 7.2 (expandable to 9.2) AVR with Audyssey MultEQ XT32


Pros: Audyssey MultEQ XT32, Sub EQ HT (dual subwoofers), Zone 2 (HDMI) Monitor Out, PCM 2.0 HDMI to Zone 2, PCM 2.0 optical/digital coax to Zones 2/3

Cons: Remote not backlit

This AVR is relatively easy to setup using the on screen GUI for the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 auto EQ program which can EQ up to 11 speakers (playing up to 9 at a time with an external 2CH amp) and 2 or more subwoofers. With dual processors (as opposed to only 1 on the lower Denon models), I can run an entire 7.2 setup Audyssey EQ in about 12 minutes from start to finish. As the majority of owners posting in the Denon threads who have upgraded from the next lower version, MultEQ XT will attest, there is a noticeable improvement in audio fidelity when upgrading to XT32 as it has a 32x higher speaker filter resolution and 4x higher sub filter resolution than XT. Reviewing the Audyssey...
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AVS › jdsmoothie › Reviews by jdsmoothie