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A New Way to Skate


Pros: Not just a button masher, good graphics, good physics

Cons: Steeper learning curve than most use to this game type are used to, not a great story

Released in 2007, Skate was a much needed change to the skateboarding video game genre. Up until this time the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series had ruled, but it was becoming stale. The developers of Skate were willing to step in and show gamers that this type of game could be revived. With Skate's more realistic physics and much better graphics it quickly became popular due to its new way to pull off tricks using the analog sticks. Although this innovative system feels fluid and natural, it can also be frustrating when you are told to perform a specific trick and you just can't seem to pull it off. Overall, Skate was a great game for its time, but its latest sequel definitely goes a few steps...
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AVS › AudioFenix › Reviews by AudioFenix