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Game worthy of A/V equipment


Pros: Great story, best soundtrack to a videogame I've ever played, best graphics on PS3

Cons: Cumbersome controls when fighting, some weird glitches every now and then

The Last of Us in my opinion is the last hurrah of the Playstation 3 and boy did it go out with a bang! I know most of you already know the overall story and are more interested in my overall take of the game as a whole, but for completeness sake below is a quick/general summary of the game. The premise of the game is that in the not-to-distant future a virus has turned most of the population into rabid plant zombies. Of course you play one of the survivors, Joel, who lives in this new world just trying to survive. The story sets it up where Joel, reluctantly has to “deliver” Ellie to the resistance group the Fireflies. The Fireflies are rebels who are working against the established...
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AVS › ninjahifi › Reviews by ninjahifi