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4311 CI awesome receiver


Pros: Audyssey,great amps, very good featurtes features, good remotes

Cons: a little complicated to set every thing up, but worth the results

I bought this receiver to replace my old analog equipment (Mclintosh separates) to get me up to speed with digital equipment. Stereo Music 2 channel sound was most important to me. The amps in this receiver are excellent and once you get Audyssey set up correctly and use the built- in DAT, Restorer HQ, your speakers will come alive. I still use and love my ADS 980 speakers for my mains. They have never sounded better. I was surprised at how good the surround was compared to my other surround systems. Learning how to get the most out of Audysssy and make minor adjustments as to your taste in sound for your room, I think this is the receiver for you. I love Internet Radio. You can...
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AVS › cindyj3730 › Reviews by cindyj3730