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Onkyo 607 works great for me


Pros: HDMI 1.3a, good power, Audyssey 2EQ, 630 watts

Cons: Lacks internal cooling fan

This is my first Onkyo amp, and my first HDMI equipt amp also. Works great for me. Almost every Input is filled with a HDMI device (this amp made me a true believer in the greatness of HDMI). Antec Veris cooler has been on it from day one ... turns pretty hot into "luke-warm". We run it about 6 hours a day, everyday (TV speakers are never used). Nowdays, it's running a full set of full-size Polk Audio Series II speakers.   Maybe one day I'll finally install some speakers on the deck and put Zone-2 functionality to use.   I'm a function over form guy, but I love the full metal face and the visible badges (tech logos). Comparable 2009 Pioneer back then had...
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AVS › Tesla1856 › Reviews by Tesla1856