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Reviews by: Kimeran

Better than the first


Pros: Story, picture, acting, etc.

Cons: None

My biggest complaint on the first season was that there was too much sex and nudity. I feel like this takes away from the story and is more of a "filler" than anything. Well, season two still has sex and nudity but not as much as the first season and therefore I felt like it had much more to the story. I finished the entire season in one week and loved it. I can't wait to see more of what happens with John Snow, the Lanisters, and the rest of the clans in this show!

Great Introductory


Pros: Great beginning of a expansive story in a mythical world, picture and sound are great.

Cons: Personally I find there to be a little too much sex and nudity, however it has it's place in the story

This has a great introduction into the mythical world where there are many different things at work. I highly recommend it to those who are fans of sci-fi and fantasy movies and t.v. shows.
AVS › Kimeran › Reviews by Kimeran